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Alison Gurd Ask

  • Expertise: Deal Management Expert
  • Industry Experience: Financial Services

Alison Zalecki Ask

  • Expertise: Bid & Pitch & Negotiation Expert
  • Relevant Skills: MA
  • Industry Experience: Real Estate, Professional Services, Construction, Sports and Physical Recreation, Legal Services

Andy Haigh Ask

  • Expertise: Public Sector Bidding Expert
  • Relevant Skills: CPP APMP, BSc (Hons), CEng, FRSA, MIET, MCMI, Procurement Law, Effective Communications, Winning Bids
  • Industry Experience: Government and Public Sector, Computer/IT Services

Anna Maysey-Wells Ask

  • Expertise: Legal Services, Operations Expert, Legal Services Bidding, Business Development Operations Expert
  • Relevant Skills: Leadership, Project Management, Stakeholder Management, Training, Recruitment Expert, Coaching, BA Hons English Language and Linguistics
  • Industry Experience: Legal Services

Ben Hannon Ask

  • Expertise: Recruitment Expert
  • Relevant Skills: CF APMP, BA Hons, Organisational Design, Salary Benchmarking, Writing Job Specifications

Beth Wallace Ask

  • Expertise: Procurement Expert
  • Relevant Skills: mCIPS, CogHyp Dip, BA Hons Business Studies
  • Industry Experience: Financial Services, Rail

Ceri Mescall Ask

  • Expertise: Multi-Vendor/Consortium Proposal Expert
  • Relevant Skills: CPP APMP Fellow, CPP CAP APMP, BW-M, ES-M, Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 5 Award in Management, Post Graduate Certificate in Project Management, Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Award in Integrated Communications
  • Industry Experience: Professional Services, Facilities Management

Charlotte Rees Ask

  • Expertise: Wellbeing and Inclusion in Bids and Proposals Expert
  • Relevant Skills: CPP APMP
  • Industry Experience: Computer/IT Services, Telecommunication Services, Facilities Management, Construction, Professional Services, Legal Services

Chloe Dillon Ask

  • Expertise: Team Leadership and Stakeholder Management
  • Relevant Skills: Strategic Sales Coaching
  • Industry Experience: Financial Advisory, Consultancy, Legal Services

Chris Whyatt Ask

  • Expertise: Winning Strategic Deals, Coaching, Facilitating Win Strategy Development, Oversight of Strategic Deals, Coaching Win Teams, Structure & Discipline, Win Capability Benchmarking, Co-creation
  • Relevant Skills: Co-founder of UK APMP, Founding Fellow of the Institute of Sales Professionals, Public Speaking
  • Industry Experience: Technology, Engineering, Professional Services, Manufacturing

Christopher Kälin Ask

  • Expertise: Bid Management and APMP Expert
  • Relevant Skills: MBA, CPP APMP, APMP Fellow
  • Industry Experience: Computer/IT Services, Telecommunication Services, Defence, Logistics & Transport

Darrell Woodward Ask

  • Expertise: RFP Software, Technology Expert
  • Relevant Skills: CP APMP, Bid Management, Proposal Writing, Content Management, Proposal Automation, RFP Shredding, Automated Workflows, Library Design, Content Preparation, Generative AI, Collaboration Tools, Reports & Analytics, Due Diligence Questionnaires, Statements of Work, Vendor Management, Data Visualisation, Return on Investment Analysis
  • Industry Experience: Computer/IT Services, Financial Services, Information Technology, Professional Services, Technology

Dr Nigel Hudson Ask

  • Expertise: Professional Development Expert
  • Relevant Skills: DProf, MA, CPP APMP, FCIM
  • Industry Experience: Defence, Telecomms, Financial Services, Consultancy, Academia

Dr. Karen Croshaw Ask

  • Expertise: Bid & Business Development Lifecycle Expert
  • Relevant Skills: PhD, Masters-level Diploma Strategic Leadership and Executive Management, BSc (Hons) Chemistry, CMgr, FCMI, FCILT, MAPM, CP APMP
  • Industry Experience: Public Sector, Nuclear, Rail, Highways, Construction - Industrial Facilities and Infrastructure, Defence, Computer/IT Services, Healthcare Services

Graham Ablett Ask

  • Expertise: Proposal Management & IT Industry Expert
  • Relevant Skills: CPP APMP

Holger Garden Ask

  • Expertise: Construction Expert and Professional Coach
  • Relevant Skills: Euring, CEng, MICE, ICIOB, PhD, MBA, MEng, CP APMP
  • Industry Experience: Construction - Industrial Facilities and Infrastructure, Professional Services, Research & Development

Izane Cloete-Hamilton Ask

  • Expertise: Proposal and Design Expert - Africa Region
  • Relevant Skills: Visual Strategy Development, Presentation Design, Content Libraries, BA Hons Business Studies, CPP APMP, Project Management, Operations
  • Industry Experience: Professional Services, Information Technology, Telecomms, Financial Services, Consultancy, Media, Logistics & Transport, Healthcare Services, Manufacturing - Other, Legal Services, Public Sector, Non Profit Charitable Organisations

Javier Escartin Ask

  • Expertise: Artificial intelligence in bidding
  • Relevant Skills: AI in Proposals, Proposals Technology, Bid Management

Jeremy Brim Ask

  • Expertise: Capture & Bid Expert
  • Industry Experience: Professional Services, Outsourcing, Construction - Industrial Facilities and Infrastructure

Jon Darby Ask

  • Expertise: Bidding quality assurance standards, Bid reviewing and scoring, Bid strategies, Pre-mortems, Bid Training, Business growth transformation, Capture Management
  • Relevant Skills: CPP CAP APMP, APMP ATO, ITIL Foundation, Collaborative Business Relationships
  • Industry Experience: Public Sector, Aerospace and Defence, Healthcare Services, Computer/IT Services, Blue-light

Jon Williams Ask

  • Expertise: Proposal Management & APMP Training Expert
  • Relevant Skills: CPP APMP Fellow

Kat Wyon Ask

  • Expertise: Proposal Management Expert
  • Relevant Skills: APMP Fellow, CP APMP, Professional Research
  • Industry Experience: Information Technology, Telecomms, Financial Services

Kate Cummins Ask

  • Expertise: Bid Strategy, Business Development, Project Management, Team Leadership, Creation of High-Performance Bid Teams, Shared Service Creation, Bid Consultancy, Change Management
  • Relevant Skills: CF APMP, Media and Management BA HONS, Shipley, Change Management
  • Industry Experience: Information Technology, Telecomms, Software as a Service, Fintech

Kathryn Potter Ask

  • Expertise: Content Management
  • Relevant Skills: BA Hons
  • Industry Experience: Information Technology, Financial Services, Rail

Larissa Cornelius Ask

  • Expertise: Win Strategist & Proposal Management Expert – African Region
  • Relevant Skills: CPP APMP, APMP Certification Training, Proposal Writing, Project Management, Operations
  • Industry Experience: Professional Services, Information Technology, Telecommunication Services, Financial Services, Engineering Services, Construction - Industrial Facilities and Infrastructure, Media, Logistics & Transport, Healthcare Services, Legal Services, Energy and Utilities, Public Sector

Lisa Readman Ask

  • Expertise: Content Evaluator
  • Relevant Skills: Proofreading
  • Industry Experience: Manufacturing - Other

Lorraine Baird Ask

  • Expertise: Bid and Proposal Specialist
  • Relevant Skills: CPP APMP, CPP CAP APMP, Winning Bids
  • Industry Experience: Financial Services, Banking and Consumer Lending, Energy and Utilities

Martin Smith Ask

  • Expertise: Organisational Design and Recuitment Expert
  • Relevant Skills: CF APMP, MBA, BSc

Michael Brown Ask

  • Expertise: International Bidding Expert
  • Relevant Skills: MA, Proposal Design, Proposal Writing, Built Environment, Negotiation, Prince 2
  • Industry Experience: Construction - Industrial Facilities and Infrastructure, Management Consulting Services, Construction - Residential & Commercial / Office

Mike Parkinson Ask

  • Expertise: Global Authority on Bid and Proposal Graphics
  • Relevant Skills: CPP APMP Fellow, 1 of 36 Microsoft PowerPoint MVPs in the world, Persuasive Writing, Graphic Design, Marketing, Sales, Author, Training, Facilitator, Keynotes
  • Industry Experience: Government and Public Sector, Information Technology, Professional Services, Engineering Services, Healthcare Services, Aerospace and Defence, Construction - Industrial Facilities and Infrastructure, Legal Services, Logistics & Transport, Telecomms, Media, Energy and Utilities, Facilities Management, Charity / Not for Profit, Manufacturing

Mike Reader Ask

  • Expertise: Leadership and Team Design / Development
  • Relevant Skills: MSc, BEng (Hons), CP APMP
  • Industry Experience: Construction - Industrial Facilities and Infrastructure, Consultancy, Facilities Management

Nigel Dennis Ask

  • Expertise: Australia / New Zealand Region Expert
  • Relevant Skills: APMP Fellow, CPP APMP, MBA, BEng (Hons), GAICD, APMP Certification Training
  • Industry Experience: Engineering Services, Marketing Communications

Olivia Hardy Ask

  • Expertise: Proposal and Content Management Software Expert
  • Relevant Skills: CF APMP, B.Com Information Systems, AIIM Certified Information Professional, AIIM BPM Specialist, Microsoft 365, SharePoint Online, Software Implementations
  • Industry Experience: Information Technology, Professional Services

Peter Lobl Ask

  • Expertise: Public Sector Sales & Bidding Expert
  • Relevant Skills: CPP APMP, BSc, PGC

Peter McPartland Ask

  • Expertise: Bid Team Leadership & Innovation
  • Relevant Skills: CPP APMP, CIM Chartered Marketer
  • Industry Experience: Professional Services

Peter Waggott Ask

  • Expertise: Sales Enabler and Professional Coach
  • Relevant Skills: CF APMP, Dip in Executive Coaching, Executive Coach (Neurodiversity)
  • Industry Experience: Automotive and Parts Mfg, Energy and Utilities, Defence, Public Sector

Pippa Birch Ask

  • Expertise: Highways & Civil Engineering Expert
  • Relevant Skills: BEd (Hons), CPP CAP APMP
  • Industry Experience: Highways, Civil Engineering

Rick Harris Ask

  • Expertise: CEO APMP
  • Relevant Skills: CF APMP, American Society of Association Executives - Member, Event Production and Management, Public Speaking, Patience & Positivity

Rita Mascia Ask

  • Expertise: Linguistic and Cultural Expert
  • Relevant Skills: Language & Communication, Account Management, EU Project Evaluation, Public Relations, Partnerships, Networking, CPP CAP APMP
  • Industry Experience: Logistics & Transport, Rail, Manufacturing - Other, Charity / Not for Profit, Healthcare Services

Samantha Burns​ Ask

  • Expertise: Innovation, Bid Strategy, Technology
  • Relevant Skills: CP APMP, BA Creative Writing, Master of Arts - Creative Writing, Project Management, Bid Management, Bid Writing, Prompt Engineering, Change Management
  • Industry Experience: Public Sector Procurement, Private Sector procurement, Social Value Delivery Lead, Bid Consultancy, In-house Team Management

Sarah Hinchliffe Ask

  • Expertise: Bid and Social Value Expert
  • Relevant Skills: BA Hons, FF.ISP, CPP APMP, Bid Management, Sales Enablement, Sales Management, Proposal Writing, Reviewing, Social Value
  • Industry Experience: Information Technology, Computer Software, Goverment and Public Sector, Professional Services

Simon Wellstead Ask

  • Expertise: Advertising and Marketing Expert
  • Relevant Skills: Branding, Value Proposition Development, Proposal Design, Campaign Management
  • Industry Experience: Aerospace and Defence, Retail, Telecomms, Media, Computer/IT Services, Outsourcing

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