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  • Expertise: International Bidding Expert
  • Relevant Skills: MA, Proposal Design, Proposal Writing, Built Environment, Negotiation, Prince 2
  • Industry Experience: Construction - Industrial Facilities and Infrastructure, Management Consulting Services, Construction - Residential & Commercial / Office

Michael has been successfully bidding a wide range of projects and services since 2008, across the entire project lifecycle. From multi-decade Public Private Partnerships (schools, hospitals and infrastructure) to engineering, design, cost and project management projects (hotels, residential, commercial, mixed use, data centres, life sciences), and much more in between.

He has a deep understanding of what it takes to win projects in the built environment and has plied his trade across Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Currently the global Proposal Director for a German EPC Contractor, Michael leads the day-to-day bid management function, managing all major opportunities and leading a team of bid managers, graphics and bid support personnel.

Engaging proven and certified techniques such as Prince 2 Project Management and APMP (Association of Proposal Management Professionals), Michael wins high-end projects and motivates effective teams.

Recognising the importance of both substance and style, he uses a variety of software tools such as InDesign, Adobe Professional, the full Microsoft suite, Visio, Doodle, and Surveymonkey.

Thanks to his Undergraduate and Masters in International Relations from the Universities of St Andrews and Sussex, he understands both the macro and the micro economic, political and social rationale for projects and programmes. He has a particular strength in analysing and empathising with clients and stakeholders to drive win themes and relevant, accurate proposal content.

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