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Writing a high scoring proposal requires considerable skill and experience. Bid Solutions offers a number of bid writing services to help improve your proposal quality.

Most of our customers find writing proposals to be an increasingly crucial step in securing new business. With a win-rate consistently over 80% (securing over £40 billion for our clients) and more than 4,000 winning proposals submitted by our team of skilled writers, you can be confident that your proposal is in good hands.

Bid Solutions has the network, knowledge and reputation to deliver success in an increasingly competitive market. As the leading provider of bid and proposal writers, we can turn your must-win deals into will-win deals. Whether it be a bid, tender, proposal, pitch, PQQ, RFI, RFP, ITT, EOI, SSQ, or DDQ, we can help.

Throughout the bid process, our Bid Writers will add value by leading storyboarding sessions, developing win themes and articulating value propositions. Your unique selling points will be interweaved into a compelling story that is benefits-led and customer-focused, ensuring you are one step ahead of your competitors.

Our Bid Writers share our passion for delivering high-quality customer-focused documents; they will hit the ground running and making a significant impact from the moment they are engaged. Whether you need a Bid Writer, Proposal Editor or a Document Reviewer, Bid Solutions will supply you with high quality professionals with specialist skills from over thirty different industries.

Right People, Right Place, Right Time

We offer both permanent and contract resource solutions across five continents and in over fifty countries. Our speed-to-market approach means we can mobilise your preferred writer within 24 hours.

Not sure if you need a Bid Writer or Proposal Manager? The bid lifecycle can give you an idea of where you are in the process and what support you need. With industry leading professionals available to improve your bid at each key milestone, you no longer need to rely on hope as a strategy when it comes to critical bid skills. Click here to find out more.

If you want to review the skills we can supply, our Bid Consultant Directory allows you to search through over 800 independent consultants and filter by location, industry, skills, qualifications and day-rate.