Ask the Expert

Women in Bids and Proposals – the plan ahead

Question by: Hannah McCarthy

Hi Charlotte,

Really enjoyed the first event for Women in Bids and Proposals. I’m excited to see what’s in store next. What are your plans for the group over the next 12 months?

Hannah McCarthy


Hi Hannah,

Firstly, thank you for attending the first event and I’m glad you enjoyed it! We utilised the launch event to gain an understanding of exactly what the group would like to focus on.

Along with many other topics, the most popular suggestions were:

  • Build a community that are able to network and communicate with each other for advice
  • Understand how to achieve a better work-life balance
  • Advice on how to progress in your career
  • Understand how others work and best practice through sharing experiences
  • Learn how others overcome gender inequality challenges
  • Learn about industry pay structures and research that has highlighted the inequality within the bid and proposal profession.

Over the next 12 months we will be aiming to target each of these through our events and our online community. We will be arranging events across the UK to allow as many members of our group to attend and meet each other.

Our events will include speaker and panel sessions by industry experts from a variety of backgrounds, who have extensive experience of the bid and proposals profession and can share their invaluable knowledge and skills with the group. We will be providing tool kits and advice for both individuals and bid teams as a whole, to help us to tackle the difficulties that are faced by many bid professionals (irrespective of their gender!).

Last but not least, we will provide networking opportunities at every event and discussions through our online group which can currently be found here: If you haven’t already, please register on our LinkedIn group if you would like to find out about upcoming events and to see what our group is getting up to!

I hope to see you at the next event, and if you would like any further information please give me a call!

Best regards,