Candidate Assessment

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Assessing a candidate’s skills and behaviours as part of the hiring process can provide timely insight into their suitability for your organisation and role. Hiring a new employee will always have inherent risks; the selection process is part objective, part subjective.

However, the decision to hire will inevitably be based on a number of factors: first impressions, past experience, evidence-based responses, competency demonstration, cultural fit, and positive references. It should not be solely based on the outcome of an assessment.

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Typical assessments we facilitate include Creative Writing Skills, Grammar and Punctuation, Verbal and Numerical Reasoning, and Psychometrics. We have the ability to conduct assessments online or can deliver on-site assessment centres.

Bid Solutions offers a range of behavioural assessments that review a candidate’s attitudes and beliefs, self-motivation, stability, maturity, judgment, capacity to learn, as well as general temperament and behaviour patterns. We can profile top performing team members (and core roles) and create an ‘ideal’ behavioural benchmark to which all team members can aspire. With structured development reports that build on an individual’s strength whilst managing their development needs, any ‘gap’ between the benchmark and the individual can be clearly identified.