CV Services

Having a poorly written or badly structured CV is unacceptable in most circumstances but as a professional working within the bid and proposal industry, it’s simply indefensible.

If you are unable to effectively sell yourself, organisations will have little faith in your ability to sell their products and services.

In our experience, a candidate’s CV evolves over many years with tweaks here and there. Rarely has it been professionally reviewed against industry best practices. Bid Solutions offer the following services to maximise the potential of your CV.

10 Point CV Assessment

Our 10 point assessment will review your CV layout, use of language, readability, structure, size, content, impact, and use of colour. This quick turnaround option provides you with actionable feedback to get your CV into shape before applying for your ideal job. Priced at £75 + VAT per CV.

CV Report

A comprehensive four-page report on your current CV with constructive feedback and advice to fully re-write and re-focus your CV. Priced at £125 + VAT per CV.

Full CV Preparation

A complete re-write of your CV, tailored to your personality and specific job aspirations. Prepared in a personal two-hour appointment or by email and telephone. Priced at £275 + VAT per CV.

For further details of the CV assessment and preparation services please call +44 (0)20 8158 3952.

And don't forget...

Employers receive numerous CVs for each vacancy, so first impressions count. A poorly structured or overly long CV won’t be read so:

  • Keep it concise with only the most relevant achievements and successes

  • Check for spelling mistakes; get someone else to read it to ensure it is grammatically correct

  • Never send a photocopy

  • Never include your salary details on it as this may rule you out before getting an interview

  • Your CV should be a maximum of three pages

  • Ensure there are no time gaps on your CV – if there are make sure these are fully explained