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Izane Cloete-Hamilton See our list of experts

  • Expertise: Proposal and Design Expert - Africa Region
  • Relevant Skills: Visual Strategy Development, Presentation Design, Content Libraries, BA Hons Business Studies, CPP APMP, Project Management, Operations
  • Industry Experience: Professional Services, Information Technology, Telecomms, Financial Services, Consultancy, Media, Logistics & Transport, Healthcare Services, Manufacturing - Other, Legal Services, Public Sector, Non Profit Charitable Organisations

Izane is the Master of Inspiration at nFold, a strategic proposal consultancy in South Africa. She is a compassionate leader with a rare and innate ability to develop people.

She started her career in sales at global giants like IBM, Compaq and Westcon, before honing her passion for winning business through proposals, tenders and presentations at EOH. She has held various senior management positions in business development, marketing, and bid management for over 20+ years.

Izane joined nFold as a partner in 2021, where she continues to inspire success in others through thought leadership, training and strategy development.


Proposal Management, Strategy Development, Graphic Design / Illustration, Business Development

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