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Dr. Karen Croshaw See our list of experts

  • Expertise: Bid & Business Development Lifecycle Expert
  • Relevant Skills: PhD, Masters-level Diploma Strategic Leadership and Executive Management, BSc (Hons) Chemistry, CMgr, FCMI, FCILT, MAPM, CP APMP
  • Industry Experience: Public Sector, Nuclear, Rail, Highways, Construction - Industrial Facilities and Infrastructure, Defence, Computer/IT Services, Healthcare Services

Karen asks the right questions.

You know, the ones that get you to think? Those that make you slightly uncomfortable. The type that challenges bid teams to go that little bit further. This is especially helpful at bid reviews where her trademark challenge “So what?” has helped subject matter experts to articulate value, benefits and impacts. By asking questions and teasing information out of people, Karen gets extraordinary results.

She has been involved in bidding and tendering for nearly 25 years, firstly with universities and training providers, then in big private sector organisations (such as Babcock and Pearson) and now she runs her own successful freelance bid consultancy. All her work is repeat business or referrals.

She combines left-brain logic from her training as a chemist, with a very strong right-brain creativity to bring innovation to her bid work. This makes her workshops, like storyboarding, both fun and productive.

A published author in business improvement, she has led and written bids while managing and herding global bid teams to win £millions of new business.

Karen is security-cleared to UK ‘SC’ and Nato ‘Secret’ levels.


Proposal Management, Proposal Writing, Capture Management

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