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Andy Haigh

Andy is an expert in bidding and tendering, specialising in competitive formal bids into EU Public Sector organisations. Andy is an authority on EU procurement legislation and can bring all these capabilities together to initiate and drive major complex bids through to a successful completion. He assists in optimising the strategic direction of the bid and directing, managing and supporting the bid activity as required.


  • Leading bids worth many £100’s millions
  • Raising bid win rate in Unisys from 8% to 42%
  • Raising bid win rate in MidlandHR from 20% to 50%+
  • Designing and delivering Public Sector bid training events to hundreds of bid professionals
  • Advising on bid win strategy to major international companies
  • Being recognised as having the highest level of Bid Management expertise by the Association of Bid Management Professionals
  • Writing a book “Winning Public Sector Contracts” which was published by the Guardian News and Media under its “Professional” title series.


Andy Haigh

  • Public Sector Bidding Expert
  • CPP APMP, BSc (Hons), CEng, FRSA, MIEE, MCMI
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