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  • Expertise: Stakeholder Management Expert
  • Relevant Skills: Work Winning
  • Industry Experience: Consultancy, Legal Services, Construction - Residential & Commercial / Office

Chloe is a Work Winning professional specialising in pursuits, with more than 15 years’ experience working in professional services firms in the UK and Middle East.

Chloe is currently the Sales Excellence Leader at PwC with oversight of Business Development, Account Management and Bids and Proposals. She focuses on the entire sales cycle creating efficiencies and learnings from different areas, ensuring we are offering our clients the best experience possible.

She is passionate about people and is a strong believer in “people buy people”. If they don’t like you, they won’t want to work with you. Credibility is key, but so is likeability. This also goes for the difficulties with working in internal teams. Having worked in Partner organisations for over 15 years and had to deal with some of the most difficult, strange and sometimes outrageous demands, she has a deep toolbox of methods to manage very difficult stakeholders and still deliver great results.

Chloe is also an active advocate for flexible working and gender diversity at senior positions in the Work Winning industry.

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