Candidate Testimonials

Our team take great pride in offering a personal and trusted service to candidates and contractors.

We take the time to get to know you, your skills, experience, and aspirations. We are proud to state that the vast majority of our candidates become clients and vice-versa. Here are just a few of the recent testimonials received by the team.

John Leonard

Bid Solutions helped me secure a position from initial application to contract acceptance in less than a week. Ben helped at every stage with the application process, ensuring that I always knew what was happening next - even down to the point of checking word count on a submission! Outstanding help and I’d definitely recommend Bid Solutions to other Bid writers / Managers.

Alex Lyster

Having worked with a number of recruitment firms over the course of my career, I found the team at Bid Solutions to be far more communicative, proactive and professional than most. Ben and the team are plugged into the world of bidding, which is really reassuring as a candidate and means that they have a genuine insight that most recruiters don’t. Most importantly, they’ve been a pleasure to work with throughout the process and I would recommend without any hesitation.

Sharon Aylward

I dealt with a few recruitment consultants during my latest job search. Lisa was the best of the recruitment consultants I dealt with, and I don’t think that’s just that I was successful in getting the job. She kept me updated and checked in before and after interviews. She also got in touch after my appointment – she showed genuine interest not just until the appointment was made.

Tom Cunliffe-Whitford

Despite having not used Bid Solutions in a number of years (long term perm role!) the team were as good as I remembered. What sets them apart is the level of communication throughout the process with quick responses to questions and insightful guidance when needed. Ben is a fantastic recruiter.

Delia Kingman-Reed

Lisa's help and support was exceptional. She kept me informed at every stage of the process and also texted me good luck messages on my interview days. She has always been prompt, professional and helpful. I have felt extremely supported throughout the entire period of time with Bid Solutions from registration to present. Martin and Danielle have also been very understanding and supportive. I think Bid Solutions are one of the best agencies around and I would certainly use them again and recommend them to others. Excellent service - thank you to you all for your help.

Simon Demetriou

Ben Hannon is a true trusted advisor when it comes to seeking new employment. He is professional, friendly and proactive. A great asset to Bid Solutions.

Fiona Baillie

Lisa was a great contact to have throughout this process. She made sure I was prepared and had confidence in my suitability and the role itself before each stage. Lisa kept me in the loop at each point, which was much appreciated.

Karen Croshaw

Ben was professional and helpful from the start, he helped me get back into employment in the UK and then supported me in post, so that 14 months later, I am still happily employed in the company he placed me in.

Katie Bell

Lisa and Ben were both brilliant assisting me prior to both interviews and were very quick and receiving feedback from the company. They were both excellent in helping me prepare for the interviews and written exercise and I felt that they both went above and beyond in assisting me.

Snigdha Deb

I wish I could meet you and thank you guys someday for the confidence you've shown in me. I was desperately longing to embark a career in my field of competence and Lisa and Ben gave me that opportunity. Lisa was very prompt in coming back with all answers and assisting me through all my queries. She was best at processing faster interaction between the client and me, leaving very little room for waiting (butterflies in my stomach times). Heartfelt thanks, wish you all the success in future.

Philip Rudd

I was really pleased with how Bid Solutions managed my job search and ultimately gaining a new position. I had an initial phone discussion where a member of the Bid Solutions staff went through my skills and experiences whilst also taking into account my requirements. I was informed of a few positions Bid Solutions had listed and each one was clearly explained to me. I was put forward for a phone interview with a construction company and was briefed before the interview and also received positive feedback after the call. I felt the call went well but due to my need to relocate the company did not want to take my application any further. The role in which I was ultimately successful is in the waste industry and the recruitment process involved completing a written task followed by an interview at the satellite location in which I would be based before a second interview at the company headquarters. At each stage I was clearly briefed about the requirements and received feedback after the event. I was also offered the opportunity to have my written task proofread by a member of the Bid Solutions team. The company I now work for took a large amount of time to complete their recruitment process and I was happy with the constant status updates I was receiving. I would not hesitate to use Bid Solutions again and would recommend this company.

Kiran Sidhu

I was really happy with the service I received from Ben Hannon at Bid Solutions.

Francesca Power

Ben Hannon was great

Toby Clark

My interviews came at a difficult time for me personally, but Ben Hannon handled my interview process with tact and diplomacy.

Gareth Meredith

Lavanya was fantastic throughout the process and would happily work with her again.

Louise Newcombe

Ben was really helpful and actually wanted to fit me to a team rather than just put me in any old job.

Karen Burling

Lavanya has been lovely to work with. I've used Bid Solutions before and would recommend them to anyone looking for a bid related role.

John Power

Lavanya was an absolute pleasure to work with. Whether by email or phone call she is supportive, enthusiastic and open in every communication. If Lavanya is an indication of the others at Bid Solutions, I could not recommend them enough.

Jazz Bhangra

I am currently a Bid Manager and have recently been looking for my next opportunity, and as such, I have worked closely with a number of recruitment agencies over the past several months, including Bid Solutions; in particular, I have worked closely with both Ben and Lavanya and would like to provide some feedback on your team. I found both Ben and Lavanya very professional yet friendly and approachable. They have both taken the time to understand my current situation and what I am looking for going forward and have contacted me with great relevant opportunities as a result. They have been very understanding about contacting me whilst I have been at work and have always been very accommodating with this. I can honestly say that the service your team have provided against other recruiters is exceptional and it has been a pleasure working with them. I would definitely recommend Bid Solutions to others. You have a fantastic team which will always be my first point of call when looking for future opportunities. They really have made an impression making want to reach out and share my feedback with you. Many thanks to both Ben and Lavanya.

Coralie Perella

I was very impressed with the approach from Bid Solutions. Lavanya was really helpful and kept me updated throughout the whole process.

Marisa Garcia

Lavanya was very kind and always available which was very helpful giving the fact that I was extremely busy with my current (now previous) job during the recruitment process.

Sam Dagnall

Lavanya continues to be a courteous and extremely helpful person for all the opportunities we have worked on. I would definitely recommend bid solutions to others in the industry.

Matt Durcan

I am delighted with Bid Solutions, especially Ben Hannon, for finding me a very suitable contract and then supporting me excellently through the Client's somewhat extended recruitment process. My only dubious comment: I wish Ben would let the phone ring sometimes - it's scary how fast he picks up and how in touch he is with all the facts when I phone him randomly! I felt as though I was his only contractor, his service was so good. I would strongly recommend Bid Solutions to any Contractor or Client.

Lauren Bannister

Both Lavanya and Lisa were very helpful and supportive during my job application process. This included being given detailed information about the role prior to the interview and the opportunity to ask any questions. I was also kept up-to-date regularly on the status of my application with excellent service provided from the beginning.

Eugenio Herrero

I worked with Lavanya Ram during the process. She was always happy to help and listen, always picked up the phone, always answered patiently all my impatient questions and overall played an important part in helping me secure my new job. I would definitely recommend others to work with her.

Jackie Farr

The entire experience has been very positive and I would not hesitate to recommend Bid Solutions.

Saab Pahal

Lavanya was a pleasure to work with, she gave me a lot of support, really great advice and went the extra mile to make sure I was fully prepared and that my concerns were addressed. I would absolutely recommend the company.

Stuart Tristram

It's been two months in the new role, and I often think about Bid Solutions, mainly because of the steady flow of helpful emails, but also because Lavanya was so very helpful and supportive throughout the process. She clearly has a strong feel for the client's needs, as well as getting the right person for the job; it's been a smooth ride so far, so thank you very much!

Nina Epstein

Ben Hannon is a very professional agent. Calm collected and focussed. A real pleasure to be coached and looked after by him

Rob Steadman

Many thanks to Ben and Lisa for all of their help and assistance over the last few weeks. Both were always easily contactable by phone whenever I needed. I'd have no hesitation in recommending their good service. Thanks again, R

Kendra Allan

Lavanya is truly so lovely and supportive. I really enjoyed speaking with her and am so thankful for the opportunity she's given me.

Tyler Buckley

Ben was excellent - really went above and beyond during every step of the recruitment process. Thanks!!

David Olujinmi

Lavanya was exceptionally helpful and supportive throughout the whole process

Oxana Sweeney

Professional approach with a personal touch!

Claudia Kelly

Bid Solutions provided an excellent service ultimately resulting in me getting a fantastic new opportunity. In particular Lavanya was very helpful and thorough throughout the whole process, keeping me up to date at all times as she co-ordinated interviews. The support, coaching and empathy for my situation helped me to reach my potential in the interview and answer all questions with confidence. The rewards I have received from gaining this position are innumerable. I cannot thank Bid Solutions enough once again for managing this process and relieving a large part of the stress associated with the job hunt.

Rebecca Baxter

I can thoroughly recommend Bid Solutions and in particular Lavanya Ram. After a lot of discussions about my experience, skills and aspirations, Lavanya found what I think will be the perfect job for me. I have been a contractor for years and have worked in some great organisations and also for some not so great companies: Lavanya made sure that she found a company that I’ll enjoy working for. Bid Solutions’ candidate service was exceptional. I received communications at every stage of the process and know that I could have asked the agency for any guidance or support that I’d needed. Thanks Lavanya, Bid Solutions rocks!

Martin Narroway

Many thanks to Lavanya and the team at Bid Solutions for their help and support in securing my next career move as Bid Director for a major Blue Chip organisation. Bid Solutions took time to fully understand my aims, objectives and skills and match those to their client’s need. Bid Solutions provided excellent guidance, insight and communications throughout the process and I would highly recommend them to both recruiters and job seekers.

Anneka Gill

I would not hesitate to recommend Lavanya for a second! She has made my job hunt a lot less stressful! Unlike most consultants she really takes the time to get to know you, ensuring where you are placed will be a good cultural fit. Even when I haven’t secured the role, she has provided constructive feedback in a timely manner. She is always happy to help, no matter how little the question is. I’m sure I will really enjoy my new role, and know I would not have secured it without her support! Thanks again Lavanya!

Alison Zalecki

Ben has been a trusted advisor to me for a number of years. He is very good at keeping in touch with me and bearing me in mind for anything he thinks might be of interest, such as finding suitable candidates for roles I am looking to fill, keeping me updated on opportunities that may interest me, and providing me with market knowledge and benchmarking. What I like most about Ben and the service he provides is that he doesn’t disappear off the radar and only call when he is looking for his next piece of work like some other recruiters. He takes the time to get to know you over the years and builds a relationship with you so that you become a long term client/candidate. This deeper understanding means you get a much better and more efficient service. I highly recommend Ben to work with both as a client and candidate.

Ian Wright

In October, 2014 Lisa Easthope of Bid Solutions secured me an interview for a Bid Manager position at Office Depot UK Ltd. I found her very helpful and assiduous and, once I secured the role, keen to do anything she could to help me both settle in and, potentially, move forward in the organisation. I thought the service I was provided both by Lisa herself and Bid Solutions was excellent and I recommend them both highly.

Usman Niazi

Bid Solutions provided some of the best recruitment consultant services that I have used. I have had considerable experience of dealing with other agencies, but the level of communication and prompt responses that both Lisa and Lavanya provided were unmatched. An excellent service that resulted in me finding an ideal placement.

Mark Minogue

I’ve been really impressed with how helpful Bid Solutions have been through the whole process from start to finish and would gladly recommend them in the future.

Dave Kennedy

Very professional service, helpful and supportive staff

Marek Nagorski

Joanne was very helpful, friendly and communicative throughout. Also I was contacted proactively for this role and therefore it was great to have this opportunity presented to me, even though I wasn’t actively looking. I am so glad she did as it is an amazing opportunity.

Lucy Brenk

Having worked in bid management for almost 15 years, this was by far the best interaction I have had with a recruiter. From the start, Ben was adept at quickly identifying a great match with my skill set. He is highly professional, efficient and a pleasure to work with. He was informative and helpful every step of the way from the initial application process through the interview phases and securing my new job. But it did not stop there! Throughout my notice period he made sure that I had everything I needed and even wished me luck on my first day. It is this excellent personal and professional approach that helped secure success in a short time. Ben exceeded my high expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend him and Bid Solutions to any bid professional. In fact I already have!

James Meyer

An absolutely superb experience, as always. Thanks so much for your help! Would be delighted to provide a formal testimonial.

Teneeka James

Lavanya was very dedicated to her role as recruiter and ensured that I was informed at all times even if it were out of hours. If there were any delays or changes she would let me know promptly and apologise which was always nice. She was very passionate and driven to see me through the whole process even where I doubted the role at times. Happy to work with Bid Solutions again.

Sam Hallows

Lavanya was a pleasure to deal with; conscientious, professional and friendly. I had somebody on my side who used their experience to provide advice, support & constructive criticism when needed and found me a great new role.

Katrina Sharp

Lavanya was always available and text/spoke contacted me out of her working hours. She spent time talking through my concerns and providing me with context.

Muhammed Kayum

Ben is a true professional, always transparent in all communication. He has accredited knowledge of bid management as an industry, making it easier for potential candidates to make informed decisions on their career.