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  • Expertise: Winning Strategic Deals, Coaching, Facilitating Win Strategy Development, Oversight of Strategic Deals, Coaching Win Teams, Structure & Discipline, Win Capability Benchmarking, Co-creation
  • Relevant Skills: Co-founder of UK APMP, Founding Fellow of the Institute of Sales Professionals, Public Speaking
  • Industry Experience: Technology, Engineering, Professional Services, Manufacturing

Chris is the co-founder of the UK APMP, prior to which he founded and led Practical Bid Solutions, and its successor, Get to Great Results. He has worked on many strategic deals, major growth initiatives, sales and channel optimisation, sales turnarounds, and sales and bid process improvement. He also created the first online, CMM based, benchmarking models for both bid and sales. Chris’s approach is very ‘do with’ as opposed to ‘do to’.

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