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  • Expertise: Public Sector Sales & Bidding Expert
  • Relevant Skills: CPP APMP, BSc, PGC

Peter works with Sales and Bid Managers in large multi-national corporations to develop excellence in all aspects of winning high value business. This has included developing account and capture planning processes, honing client relationship skills and assistance with all aspects of bid development. Peter has achieved Practitioner level qualification with the APMP (Association of Proposal Management Professionals).

Peter is a Director of the APMP UK and an EU Commission Expert Reviewer. He has worked on both sides of procurement, providing advice and guidance to Public Sector (Kent County Council, Home Office) and private sector clients (Unisys, Alcatel, HP) on how to get the best out of the Public Sector bidding process. He has worked as strategic adviser to both private and public sector organisations on key aspects of high value public sector contracts. These included the preparation of winning bid strategies, maximising supplier contribution and developing a client-focused culture.


  • Winning many awards as a “high tech” sales professional (IBM, Unisys)
  • Accredited by several organisations as a sales and bidding coach
  • Refining sales strategy with major companies which led to sales performance improvements
  • Being appointed as a Boxwood Group Associate
  • Winning the President’s Watch Award (for eight consecutive years above target) in Unisys
  • Being recognised as having a very high level of Bid Management expertise by the Association of Bid Management Professionals
  • Being appointed as an EU expert reviewer.

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