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We secured a place on a framework – is it really a win?

Question by: Aga

Public sector frameworks: what to do when you manage to get on a major framework but you are near the bottom suppliers due to price? I suppose one question is how to, and can I still ‘fix this’. The other question is, is it worth boasting about a ‘win’ that’s not really so great?


Aga, a very interesting question.  If you have won a place on a framework contract and you have the highest price, I would celebrate this!  I would go out to all the potential customers and tell them why what you provide is so much better than the competitors’.  All this and for only a (reassuringly) slightly higher cost.  I would visit the authorised demanders (in person) and explain why my services were better.  I would use this visit to sell my products and services.  Indeed, in my early days with framework contracts I did this to build 14 of the largest framework contracts my business had ever achieved.  Most clients are not looking for the corner cutting, cheapest approach.  They want the best and easiest result.  If you are the most expensive you can commit to this and cement your reputation on being the best.  Then price is not very important.  Of course, some clients only want the cheapest.  However, in my experience, they are the most difficult clients to deal with and I am always very happy to leave them to my competitors!

When you ask about boasting about your win, I would suggest you make a great and loud hullabaloo about it, everywhere you can.  After all, you have secured a place on the framework which other competitors have not.  You have had a government (if it is a government framework) endorsement for your services even though they are expensive.  In other words, the government says you can do a good job and that you provide value for money.  Moreover, being on any framework is a really great reference for many other potential contracts.

So my advice is to shout about your spectacular win and then visit every authorised demander you can to show them what you can do for them.  I’m confident if you do this, you and your business will prosper!

Andy Haigh