Bidding Quarterly


Issue 6 - Pursue Your Passion

Whilst canvassing ideas for Issue 6, we were overwhelmed by the energy and passion our experts showed for a variety of different subjects. Rather than stifle this, we decided to remove the shackles and let our experts run free. The only request? Write about something you are truly passionate about right now in the bid and proposal profession.

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Issue 5 - Evolving the Profession in 2019

At the time of writing, 2019 has significant uncertainty surrounding it. Thankfully, our experts are adept at dealing with such ambiguity and have provided a fantastic set of articles in Issue 5 of Bidding Quarterly, full of great ideas and suggestions to evolve our profession in 2019.

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Issue 4 - The Hidden Costs of Bidding

With more than 1 in 4 people now expected to be impacted by mental health problems, there has never been a more important time to prioritise your own well-being. I really hope you enjoy this edition of BQ and can take some useful learnings from it to manage your own personal well-being. If you have any specific questions, our experts can be reached via our homepage.

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Issue 3 - Putting yourself first in 2018

Putting ourselves first is generally a difficult and often unnatural thing to do. We all claim to be ‘team-players’ on our CVs and are regularly reminded by the corporate and sport worlds that there is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’. So how then are we supposed to flip this paradigm on its head and justify finding the ‘me’ in ‘Team’? Thankfully, help is at hand. Issue 3 of Bidding Quarterly and our panel of experts tackle this subject head on, in our biggest and most comprehensive edition yet. If you are eager to develop yourself and stand out from the crowd in 2018, we have 12 thought-provoking articles that are brimming with ideas, tips and actionable plans that can get you started today.

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Issue 2 - Bid Utopia

Utopia can be interpreted in many different ways. A utopian ‘bid society’ might be one where everyone is happy and its systems and processes run perfectly to deliver the perfect solution.

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Issue 1 - Hope is not a strategy

Tales, insight and opinion from Bid Industry Experts.

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