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  • Expertise: Professional Development Expert
  • Relevant Skills: CPP APMP, MA, FCIM, F.APS
  • Industry Experience: Financial Services, Telecomms, Consultancy, Academia

If you want to get the most from your learning opportunities, to accelerate your career and achieve success on your terms, then I’m the person to contact.

My area of expertise is professional and personal development, helping you to achieve your career and life goals. I’ve trained, coached or mentored more than 5,000 people worldwide in bidding, capture and negotiation; I’ve designed award-winning bid training programmes and MBA modules; and presently I’m a doctoral researcher in workplace learning at the University of Chester. It’s here that I’m exploring the phenomenon of experiential learning in high pressure bidding contexts. (Yes, even when we’re flat out meeting the next deadline, we’re still learning.)

I believe that ‘those who can, do’. Hence why I’m not just a mentor, consultant and academic. I’m a hands-on bidder, too.

I’ve done most jobs in bidding during the past twenty years, so I know what it takes to successfully perform every role. I started my bidding career as a proposal writer and document designer, then worked my way up through various bid and proposal management roles before becoming Head of Bids and then Director of Bid Programmes. Most recently I’ve worked as a Bid Director on multi-billion-pound opportunities and Senior Pursuit Lead for a European financial services company.

My proudest achievements have always been linked to those environments where I can play to my strengths to help people flourish. I did this most successfully at telecoms giant Vodafone, where I was the player-coach responsible for supporting and developing a bid team that grew from four people in the UK to 220 worldwide in just six years. The Bid Academy I created resulted in me winning APMP UK’s People Development Award and becoming Vodafone Group’s Head of Bid & Contract Training. I then achieved similar success at Strategic Proposals where Jon Williams and I designed Europe’s leading portfolio of bid and proposal training courses which have since won APMP’s People Development award a further three times.

I believe that everyone has the potential to be brilliant. We just need the right encouragement, inspiration and guidance which, when combined with high focus, energy and determination, can achieve outstanding results. Hence why I always seek to “inspire, inform and entertain…and be the most enthusiastic person you know!”

I apply the same rules to coaching people as I do to winning deals, often quoting Richard Branson’s famous words: “What does the customer value most? How can we deliver it better than the competition? And if we do this, will we have fun?”

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