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Nigel Hudson

As Senior Professional Development Consultant for Strategic Proposals, I’m responsible for designing and delivering Europe’s leading portfolio of bid & proposal-related learning & development solutions. I’m passionate about personal and professional development and have trained or coached over 4,000 people worldwide.

I have 17 years experience in bid & proposal management, winning deals up to £100 million. I’ve always reflected on what worked well and what didn’t, usually finding that keeping things simple worked best. So you’ll often hear me quoting Richard Branson’s famous words: “What does the customer value most? How can we deliver it better than the competition? And if we do this, will we have FUN?”

Previously Global Head of Bid & Contract Training for Vodafone, I led the development programmes for 700 people worldwide and created the Vodafone Bid Academy that won the UK APMP People Development Award in 2015. I believe that with the right encouragement and guidance, combined with the individual owning their development (and maintaining an ever-curious mind!) they will achieve the goals of their continual learning journey.

I share my views here and in a weekly post on LinkedIn. I invite you to ask me questions about how you can develop your career, accelerate or rejuvenate your studies, overcome development challenges, continually learn, build your network, expand your knowledge and put it into practice. Ultimately I want you to excel in what you do.

My goal when training is to create positive behavioural change by promising to “inspire, inform and entertain…and be the most enthusiastic person you know!” So if you ask me a question, I will give an honest answer!


Nigel Hudson

  • Professional Development Expert
  • CPP APMP, DipM, MA
  • Telecomms
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