Sales and Relationship Management Training

Managing client relationships, growing revenue streams and expanding accounts is a real skill that is not just natural talent. It requires consistent planned activity and thoughtful engagement to maximise opportunity.

We help our learners maximise lead generation, account growth, client retention and cross-selling through improved quality of insight and conversation. We will teach you how to grow business predictably through planning and execution of structured and high-performing client development programmes.

The content is delivered by Jeremy Brim, a work winning specialist with 20 years of experience in pursuing clients and opportunities of all sizes across private, public and federal sectors globally, regionally and locally.

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Course Outline

The sessions deep dive into each element of Customer Relationship Management and Business-to-Business / Business-to-Government sales, including:

Introduction and overview

Planned relationships

  • Working to account plans
  • Mapping out and prioritising key players
  • Understanding people styles

Initiating relationships

  • Making contact
  • Meeting and influencing key contacts
  • Setting meeting objectives
  • Initiating, protecting and strengthening relationships

Building trust

  • The trust equation
  • Building credibility - using “What we finds”
  • Journey to trusted advisor

Helping clients to buy

  • Relating to client wants
  • Recognise how customers buy
  • Persuasion / Influence
  • Value propositions
  • Co-solutioning
  • Questioning skills
  • Dealing with concerns

Performance management and lessons learned



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