Strategic Proposals

Strategic Proposals is Bid Solutions' preferred partner for proposal management consultancy. They provide award-winning training - for all staff involved in bidding - as well as helping bid and proposal specialists to successfully attain APMP certification. They also help companies to benchmark and improve their proposal capabilities, with a fifteen-year track record of delivering radical improvements to proposal quality and win rates.


Sixfold International is a Bid Solutions preferred consultancy partner, with leading expertise in how to win Public Sector contracts. It has wide experience of both the commercial and Public Sector elements of complex procurement competitions. This team has deep, practical knowledge of the Public Sector procurement legislation, which it uses to finesse the procurement processes to gain a competitive advantage for its clients. In addition, the team is expert in challenging the award decision when the evaluation process has gone wrong, to get it rectified.

SMSW Media

SMSW Media is Bid Solutions preferred partner for delivering Bid Marketing and proposal design services. They are a full service, digital media agency, who assist their clients to secure major contracts & new business opportunities. With an extensive background in bid, sales, commercial & design – they know what it takes to win, win big and win often. Bringing the skills learnt in the world of advertising to the immediate benefit of bid campaigning. They work hard to thrash out your true differentiators, win-themes and value proposition and bring them to life in your bid, using the latest technology, branding & design techniques. Their job is to make sure you stand out from your competition and get noticed by your target customer. See them as the extra few % points, that help push you across the finish line in prime position.


QorusDocs is Bid Solutions’ preferred partner for cloud-based proposal management software that streamlines RFP responses and automates proposal creation. Their smart solution is intuitive and easy-to-adopt, enabling you and your team to create personalized, professional-looking documents directly from your familiar Microsoft Office apps and popular CRM systems. Feel confident submitting proposals and RFP responses with QorusDocs’ AI-enabled auto-response feature and securely share and collaborate with key stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts. With QorusDocs, your RFP, RFI, and RFQ responses, pitches, presentations, security questionnaires, and SOWs will be created from a single source of truth and completed in minutes versus hours. For more information, visit: