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Javier Escartin
Deploying AI in Proposal Management
Added: 17/05/2023
Javier Escartin discusses AI and suggests three core areas for its use within Bid and Proposal Management.
Simon Wellstead
The Ad Man’s Approach to Killer Capture Campaigns
Added: 13/05/2022
Simon Wellstead discusses key things to consider when creating exceptional capture and bid campaigns in his Win in 60 Seconds video.
Peter Waggott
Asking Good Questions
Added: 05/01/2022
Peter Waggott discusses why it is vitally important that you ask 'good questions' prior to bidding in his Win in 60 Seconds video.
Sarah Hinchliffe
A Classic Tale
Added: 09/08/2021
Sarah Hinchliffe's brilliantly funny ‘A Classic Tale’ explores Aristotle’s three persuasive appeals and explains why it is vitally important you consider them in your proposals.
Pippa Birch
Portal Management
Added: 30/06/2021
Pippa Birch provides expert advice on Portal Management in her brilliant (and funny) Win in 60 Seconds Video.
Martin Smith
Win in 60 Seconds
Added: 17/05/2021
Martin talks about the exciting launch of Win in 60 Seconds and the thinking behind it.
Graham Ablett
Top 10 Characteristics of a Winning Proposal
Added: 12/05/2021
Graham Ablett examines the top 10 characteristics of winning proposals in his Win in 60 Seconds video
Alison Zalecki
The Structure of Persuasion
Added: 10/05/2021
Alison Zalecki provides expert advice on the structure of persuasion in her Win in 60 Seconds video
Jeremy Brim
Influencing the Client
Added: 12/05/2021
Jeremy Brim discusses why, if you haven't influenced the client, someone else has, in his Win in 60 Seconds video
Oliver Kitschke
The Triangle of Bidding
Added: 11/05/2021
Oliver Kitschke provides insider tips and expertise around the triangle of bidding in his Win in 60 Seconds video