Do you really know how good your bids and proposals are? Do you seek objective feedback on how you compare to the competition, or is it mostly anecdotal?

All successful teams measure performance and set ambitious targets but could you improve with bid writing support? Our market leading benchmarking services will ensure you focus effort and investment in the right place, increasing your win rate whilst getting bid costs under control.

We typically start with a full performance review of your end-to-end bid and proposal operation and determine core areas for improvement whilst recommending cost effective solutions that work in the real world. In our opinion, benchmarking must precede any structured capability improvement or investment programme.

Led by an APMP Professional from our team, we analyse both the quality of your written proposals and the way in which you manage the bid lifecycle. Our assessments are based on a focused evaluation of a number of recently submitted proposals, as well as structured interviews with key internal stakeholders and customers.

The need to drive greater operational efficiencies whilst continually improving the quality of bids and proposals can prove both challenging and conflicting.

The benefits of our benchmarking services include:

  • Independent assessment from bid and proposal experts

  • Rapid 360 degree assessment of proposal quality and bid process

  • Objectivity on areas of strength and weakness

  • Recommendations on how to effectively bridge gaps in capability.

For a rapid assessment of your bid and proposal management capability, complete the Bid Lifecycle Challenge.

For a more in-depth assessment of your bid and proposal management capability, including a free report on your organisations capability, complete the Proposal Benchmarker.

We offer three complementary approaches to benchmarking:

Proposal Quality Assessment

A constructively critical assessment of your proposal output – looking at a representative sample of documents you’ve submitted recently. What works well, and how could they have been improved? Request Assessment

Bid Lifecycle Benchmark

The Bid Lifecycle Benchmark Model allows you to comprehensively self-assess your organisation's capability against the core Bid Lifecycle phases considered essential for winning business. A free report provides instant feedback on your existing capability and opportunities for improvement. Request Assessment

Client Proposal Audit

Clear client feedback on how your proposals rank in your market – on a one-off basis as part of an initial benchmark, and through an on-going client proposal audit process. Request Audit