BQ12 Available Now!

I’m thrilled to share Bidding Quarterly 12 with you. ‘The Culture Club’ explores geographical differences, local influences, and workplace variations within the bidding profession. With 15 fantastic articles from Bid Solutions team of global BQ Experts, it explores a wide range of cultural preferences whilst offering strategies, insight and advice for how best to manage diverse cultures within a bid environment. Download it here.

Bidding Quarterly 11 – Out Now!

We are delighted to share BQ11 with you. This special edition of Bidding Quarterly has been created by the brilliant Women in Bids and Proposals (WIBAP) team. The positive action they are taking to drive equality in our profession is truly inspirational.

BQ11 has 12 brilliant articles from our BQ Experts, the WIBAP team and a few of their Allies. Containing stories of hope, new beginnings and the breaking down of barriers, it also tackles head on the uncomfortable truths about our historically male-dominated profession. I applaud all the contributors for their honesty, bravery and leadership with their shared goal of eradicating inequality.

There can be no more excuses for discrimination in our profession, or indeed in any walk of life. When Bid Solutions produced the first UK Bid and Proposal Salary in 2008, I was truly shocked to see the scale of the inequality. Fast forward 13 years and as a profession we have only taken tiny steps towards equality. It’s time for giant strides.

I really hope BQ11 inspires you to get actively involved, become a WIBAP Ally, challenge inequality head-on and create a fairer world. 50:50 in everything we do.

State of the Industry Research

We would like to invite you to participate in QorusDocs 6th annual ‘State of the Industry’ research initiative.

The survey focuses on revenue teams, such as RFP response management and pre-sales, sales and marketing teams who create proposals.

The report will provide industry information to help you benchmark sales productivity and revenue outcomes in the increasingly complex world of proposal management.

We are very interested in hearing your insights – as someone in your organisation involved in responding to RFPs, proposals, security questionnaires, and due diligence inquiries.

The survey has a broad focus and a section dedicated to proposal and RFP management. It will take roughly 10 minutes to complete and all those who do will receive a copy of the report. Click here to take the survey.

UK 2022 Salary Survey

Bid Solutions’ regular cycle of UK Salary Surveys was due to be published this year. Unfortunately, with Covid-19 and the resulting furlough scheme having such a huge short-term impact on the market and salaries, it will be impossible to draw meaningful conclusions or truly compare data with the 2018 survey. We aim to press ahead with our survey in early 2022.

Ask the Expert

With 30 Bid, Proposal, Capture and Winning Business Professionals on Bid Solutions’ Expert Panel, you are never far from free specialist advice, help and support.

Whether you have a question relating to a particular skill, tool, process, or discipline, or you are bidding into a new or challenging sector and need to tap into specialist industry knowledge, our experts are ready to guide and help.

Simply select the most relevant expert and submit your question here:

BQ10 Out Now!

BQ10 features twenty fantastic articles from our brilliant team of experts. They discuss everything from time management techniques, to self-care in challenging times, differentiating between common and best practice, and social learning techniques. You’ll learn about ‘reader drag’, ‘bid unicorns’ and diminished attention spans. The quality of the contributions from our panel of experts and guest writers – their shared experience, wisdom, advice, guidance, excitement, sadness, vulnerability, honesty and humour – is beyond anything we have previously published. It’s our biggest and best publication.

Download it here.