BQ19 Out Now!

BQ19 offers you 32 fantastic articles from our brilliant panel of Experts, exploring all phases of the Bid Lifecycle. They offer step by step advice for fine tuning your approach to meeting your clients’ requirements and improving your win rate. Technology will undeniably be part of your solution, but it is only one tool. BQ19 will help you consider ALL the fantastic ways (tech and non-tech) you can increase your productivity and, ultimately, your success. I hope you enjoy it.

Download it here.

They are my go-to when it comes to Bid recruitment, and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Over the last four years, Bid Solutions has worked extensively with Compass, recruiting Proposal Managers, Team Leaders, Bid Writers and Graphics Designers, whilst also supporting their peak periods of bid activity with Contractors and Consultants. During this time, Ben Hannon has developed a strong understanding of what skills and personality traits ensure success at Compass.

Hayley Choudhry had this to say about working with Bid Solutions:

We’ve significantly increased the size of our bid team in the past year, focusing on a Proposal Manager and Bid Writer recruitment drive. We’ve worked with Bid Solutions for a few years, so I knew they were the team for the job to tackle the vacancies. They understand the qualities needed to work in bidding, are very flexible and have a thorough understanding of the role and our company values. Having the right person who fits our vision and values is the most important factor for us when it comes to recruitment, and all of the candidates put forward by Bid Solutions more than fulfilled that requirement. They are my go-to when it comes to Bid recruitment, and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

The collaborative relationship between Bid Solutions and Compass has ensured successful recruitment of the best talent in the market, helping Compass significantly grow its business.

BQ18 Out Now!

BQ18 is absolutely loaded with quick wins and secrets to success. With 24 brilliant articles and 4 fabulous Win in 60 Seconds videos, our panel of experts have once again generously shared their wisdom and experience to help you develop industry leading knowledge and skills and, ultimately, win more often. Download it here.

2022 UK Bid and Proposal Salary Survey Report

The 2022 UK Bid and Proposal Salary Survey Report is now available. More than 1,400 professionals across the UK participated in the survey. We are confident that employers, employees and self-employed consultants will find the results extremely valuable for salary benchmarking, staff retention, peer review and career planning.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. Many people took the time and effort to share it with their peers and social networks and we are very grateful for everyone’s continued support. Click here for full details.

I’m delighted to announce our new training delivery partnership with Growth Ignition and Jeremy Brim. This strategic partnership enables us to significantly increase both the quality and volume of training courses in our ‘Train to Win’ programme.

Please do visit our Training page for full details of our bespoke and online courses, and to book a place on one of our upcoming Bid Writing and Bid Masterclass courses.

BQ12 Available Now!

I’m thrilled to share Bidding Quarterly 12 with you. ‘The Culture Club’ explores geographical differences, local influences, and workplace variations within the bidding profession. With 15 fantastic articles from Bid Solutions team of global BQ Experts, it explores a wide range of cultural preferences whilst offering strategies, insight and advice for how best to manage diverse cultures within a bid environment. Download it here.

Bidding Quarterly 11 – Out Now!

We are delighted to share BQ11 with you. This special edition of Bidding Quarterly has been created by the brilliant Women in Bids and Proposals (WIBAP) team. The positive action they are taking to drive equality in our profession is truly inspirational.

BQ11 has 12 brilliant articles from our BQ Experts, the WIBAP team and a few of their Allies. Containing stories of hope, new beginnings and the breaking down of barriers, it also tackles head on the uncomfortable truths about our historically male-dominated profession. I applaud all the contributors for their honesty, bravery and leadership with their shared goal of eradicating inequality.

There can be no more excuses for discrimination in our profession, or indeed in any walk of life. When Bid Solutions produced the first UK Bid and Proposal Salary in 2008, I was truly shocked to see the scale of the inequality. Fast forward 13 years and as a profession we have only taken tiny steps towards equality. It’s time for giant strides.

I really hope BQ11 inspires you to get actively involved, become a WIBAP Ally, challenge inequality head-on and create a fairer world. 50:50 in everything we do.