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  • Bid Coordinator

    • Uxbridge
    • Up to £35,000
    • Permanent

    Our client, a global leader in international transport & logistics is recruiting for a Bid Coordinator to join their team in Uxbridge.

  • Bid Writer

    • West Midlands
    • Up to £40,000
    • Permanent

    Our client, a leading insurance provider, is seeking a Bid Writer to join their team in the West Midlands. The Bid Writer is responsible for the successful completion of tenders in accordance with agreed company processes and best practice methodologies. The Bid Writer plays a leading role in ensuring the effective co-ordination and timely completion of tenders.

  • Bid Executive

    • Sutton
    • Up to £35,000
    • Permanent

    The successful Bid Executive will be part of the Sales and Commercial function where you will be the responsible to manage bids of moderate to high complexity from inception to completion, and to provide support to larger strategic bids.

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Having spent over three months searching for a Bid Manager, we spoke to Bid Solutions who almost immediately provided a shortlist of suitable applicants. Within a month we had conducted interviews and made an offer to our preferred candidate. I was so impressed not only with the speed in which Bid Solutions were able to source the selected applicants, but how they completely understood our brief and were able to present candidates who suited not only what we needed professionally, but would also be a cultural fit within our organisation. I would not hesitate to recommend Bid Solutions and will definitely work with them again.

Michelle Whittorn

Head of Bid Management, Virgin Media

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How to Change SMEs’ Minds into Creating Content That Matters?

Hi Kathryn,

My role is to create and manage a content library for the company I work in. Collecting and reviewing content has been difficult. However with the upcoming changes within the industry, I am attempting to change the mind of our SMEs and sales team to create content that actually matters and is more purposeful. What are the top 3 questions I can ask stakeholders which I am liaising with to think more about what they write? What are 3 points that they need to consider in order to strategically create and make use of pre-written content?

Thank you

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Are bid content libraries really worth it or just more work for already busy bid teams?

Do bid content libraries/pre-written content actually have a purpose? Does having a central content library actually work any better than just using the last few submissions (that are current) and copying out what’s needed? If having a bid content library is really worth it, how do you make the case for one? How do you do to keep one up-to-date?

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Should I spend my budget on Writers or Proposal Automation Software?

We often encounter clients that have a very real dilemma when it comes to creating and maintaining high quality pre-written. With limited budget they often cannot afford to employ a raft of writers that can comfortably keep on top of their ever evolving content. Similarly, their budget does not allow them to roll out an end-to-end Proposal Automation Software Solution. In your opinion, where should they focus spend?

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Why One Training Course is Not Enough – Justifying the Need for Continuous Development

Good evening,

I work with clients involved in the funding process. One of my clients is new to bid writing and after starter course and a year of unsuccessful applications, she wants to attend further training to develop her skills. Her issue is justifying the benefits of further training to the local authority who employs her.

I am hoping that you have some insight into this and perhaps some suggestions for a solid argument that she can present to the authority, which will highlight the benefits of ongoing training.

Many thanks,



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