Capture More Bids

Our 2-day, University of Aberdeen Recognised Programme provides practical learning, focusing on the relevant skills required to help you successfully capture and win more bids.

There’s a fundamental difference between how an organisation thinks their customers do business and how their customers really operate, so traditional B2B sales processes can often be ineffective.

Organisations with aspirations to grow don’t have the necessary sales knowledge to deliver the growth required. The programme focuses on helping develop the creative people organisations need to grow and flourish.

Course Content

  • We will explore why the way we’re engaging with customers isn’t working anymore
  • Inspire you to think differently about your customers and how you can support them
  • Become comfortable leading the sales process, uncovering hidden opportunities through better client engagement and more effective listening.
  • Develop a Business Development process which fits with your organisation's values and places you in the best position to win.
  • You’ll leave with actionable steps you can take that will transform how you compete for bids/tenders
  • This interactive programme will include live case studies and practical exercises to help you embed the new approach when you go back to your organisation


Our training programme covers 5 core modules that will help you gain a competitive edge and support your efforts to become the ‘favoured’ bidder:



We help you to be aware of asking the right questions to develop good conversations. This leads into discussing what is your role and what are your responsibilities?
Stakeholder/Partner Engagement<br><br>

Stakeholder/Partner Engagement

We focus on developing relevant stakeholder/partner engagements. This helps you develop customer hot buttons to offer you the best chance of securing a successful outcome.
Who are your customers?<br><br>

Who are your customers?

Recognizing and understanding which customers are a ‘fit’ for your organisation is an advantage, our programme aims to give you the tools needed to make a bid/no bid decision early in the capture phase.
Power of Insights<br><br>

Power of Insights

This module concentrates on building out customer engagement through collaborative activities between sales and marketing, using social media to educate customers/partners.
Alignment of activities to <br>capture new business

Alignment of activities to
capture new business

We help you refine your strategies to align with your organization's practices, policies and core values.
Peter Waggott
Lead Facilitator

Peter is an Executive Fellow at the University of Aberdeen & is an Accredited Executive Coach with the A.o.E.C. He has held several senior sales positions across various industries.

Sandy McCurdy
Associate Facilitator

Sandy has held senior sales & marketing positions over a 40-year career. He has coached and mentored many start-ups and is currently an Honorary Faculty member at Dundee University working with student entrepreneurs.

Bid Solutions proudly partner with Vertical Motives Consultancy to deliver our Capture More Bids programme. VMCL has delivered sales training in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

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