Bid Solutions MD Martin Smith speaking at the APMP UK One-Day Symposium

Join Martin Smith from Bid Solutions at the APMP UK One-Day Symposium on the 6th June 2017.

The session at the APMP UK Symposium, run by Martin Smith and Simon Wellstead, will be discussing a ‘want it more’ attitude and shows you how to smash through the barriers to being extraordinary and achieving ‘bid’ greatness.

In this session, Martin and Simon will explore key phases in the bid lifecycle and show you how to capitalise on your differentiators, how to motivate your people to ‘want it more’ and how to put forward visually engaging bids that consistently scream ‘we really want your business!’ More importantly, we will show you how to place a significant distance between you and your nearest competition. We aim to give you the extra percentage points that push you across the line in the winning position.

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