“Unsubscribe” and the need for audacity

Are you being audacious in your approach to proposals right now? Might your competition be more daring? Jon Williams article in BQ9 discusses how an audacious approach to ‘playing’ the rules allowed a low budget film to top the US movie charts last year. He examines why it is so important to be more audacious in these challenging times and reminds us that proposals are the job protection and creation engine for many organisations.

As the movie Unsubscribe demonstrated, the world’s very different now than it was twelve months ago. ‘Normal’ is a thing of the past. Change may be forced on you – or you could seize control.

You can read the full article here: https://bidsolutions.co.uk/bidding-quarterly/issue-9/unsubscribe-and-the-need-for-audacity/