Bid Lifecycle

Take any phase in the Bid Lifecycle for granted and it has the potential to derail your campaign.

Understand the Bid Lifecycle and Win More Often

We provide expert and timely advice at every stage of the process and keep your deal on track. Take the Bid Lifecycle Challenge now by locating your current phase of activity on the diagram: answer ‘no’ to any of the questions raised and you risk compromising your chances of winning. We provide focussed consulting, coaching and training at each stage of the Bid Life cycle and can rapidly improve your chances of winning.

Download a copy of the Bid Lifecycle and assess the health of your organisations bid and proposal capability. To better understand how the 6 core roles interact and complement each other, download a copy of the Bid Lifecycle with role overlay.

The difference between the Bid Phase and the Proposal Phase is frequently misunderstood. The Proposal Phase focuses on the written proposal (i.e. the written submission) however this is just one important milestone to winning new business. There are many other activities that must be carefully managed to ensure the award of new business – some happen long before the RFP arrives, some a considerable time after. These activities collectively form what we call the Bid Phase.

Hence, the Bid Manager is focused on a much broader range of activities (of which the proposal is of course one), whereas the Proposal Manager is almost entirely focussed on preparing the proposal document (the formal response to the RFP).

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