Issue 1 - Hope is not a strategy

I’m fascinated by space and especially space travel. What could be out there? What is out there? Where does it all start and end because surely it must? Or must it? As I send my brain into some kind of cosmic meltdown contemplating these mindbending questions, one thing I never lose hope of is that one day I might be able to travel into space.

Sure, I could sell my house and buy a ticket on Virgin Galactic, but that’s just not going to happen. Maybe in my lifetime some cheaper option will surface? The point is, although I’d love to go into space, I have no real strategy for getting there. But do I lose hope that it might happen? No way – because it might just happen one day. It’s what I would call a ‘definitely-maybe’ scenario. Enough ambiguity and uncertainty to give me hope. And if anyone tells me otherwise, I give them a cursory glance that says why cant hope be a strategy?