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The Bid Lifecycle Model & Our Evolving Profession

In 2011, we developed the Bid Lifecycle Model to enable wider discussion regarding the 6 core roles in our profession and how they interact and complement each other in a live bid / proposal situation.

It was used as the basis for generating accurate salary benchmarking for the 2012 Salary Survey and was accepted by the APMP UK. It was also a central theme in the 2015 Bid Solutions Salary Survey.

The primary discussion point from the Bid Lifecycle Model was and still is today, what is the core difference between a Bid Manager and a Proposal Manager? You can read my personal views on this here.

The reason for this post is to bring the discussion up-to-date with current market conditions. Our profession is rapidly evolving and maturing and I’m keen to understand how your role is being affected?

Bid Manager or Proposal Manager?

In some industries, we see the boundaries between Bid Managers and Proposal Managers becoming increasingly blurred. In others, we see the focus shifting away from hiring Bid and Proposal Managers to hiring Proposal Writers to directly support Sales teams. Do you even use the term ‘Bid’ or ‘Proposal’?

With the arrival of the Apprenticeship Scheme and the global adoption of the APMP Certification Programme, is the Bid Lifecycle Model (and its 6 core roles) still relevant in your industry? Is its scope too narrow? Is it over-simplistic? Does it translate internationally?

I am well aware that there is still no universal agreement on titles, roles, and responsibilities. Whilst APMP has made some headway in resolving this, it is a voice that speaks mostly for its members, not the entire profession. Only this week I have stumbled across another organisation claiming to be the global community of practice for everyone involved in the world of proposals, bids, and tenders. Hence, harmonisation of language and understanding across our profession still seems some way off.

In my opinion, all roles have the ability to win or lose you the deal. Some require more experience, but you should never underestimate the importance of each role’s contribution.

Click here if you would like more details of our Bid Lifecycle Model or click here if you would like to take our Bid Lifecycle Challenge.

Author: Martin Smith, Managing Director – Bid Solutions.

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