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SMSW Media – The Ad Agency for Bids

Have you ever stopped to think how different your bids would look if you treated them like adverts?


If the honest answer is no, don’t worry – not many have. And that’s exactly why, when we found ourselves with a blank page in the printed version of BQ magazine and a looming deadline, we called on Simon Wellstead.


Simon is creative director at SMSW Media, the ad agency for bids. Yes, you read that right. An ad agency for bids.


SMSW’s approach is fuelled by the belief that the magical simplicity of messaging from the golden era of advertising (50s and 60s) should be applied to every bid and sales campaign. Simon and his team have been surprising and exciting clients for over 10 years by highlighting business differences through compelling, captivating and creatively intelligent bid campaigns.


Simon is an exceptional storyteller and his work nods to some of the finest ad men including Ogilvy, Bernbach, Lois and Arden.


So getting back to that blank page in BQ magazine, it didn’t take long for Simon to transform the space into a self-promoting ode to the creatives of old.


The ad didn’t appear in BQ’s digital version so we wanted to share it here for anyone who missed it to enjoy.
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If you haven’t spoken to Simon yet and are tasked with improving bid quality and win rates, or want to inject first-class creative into your bids or pitches, we would highly recommend getting in contact. He’s always happy to offer valuable tips and advice (stolen from the masters of course).