Bid Director

  • Location: London E17

Profile A bid leader specialising in construction, property development and professional services. Having spent over 15 years in work-winning, sales and marketing. After working for global businesses with turnover in the billions for many years leading the most complex and demanding bids, more recently has switched focus and assisted a series of start-up and scale-up businesses to create new functions, developing highly skilled teams to match. Building on core skills of writing and project management, further specialisms developed over the course of their career include management of large teams - Both line management and with large groups for specific bids - Along with creation of both work winning and business strategy to match the growth ambitions of the organisation. An early adopter of the use of digital content and mixed media, also embraces innovation in sales techniques and inclusion of mixed media as a means of representing organisations in the most positive way possible. Key Achievements Responsible for over £5bn total value in management of winning bids across the entire construction industry. During a two-year role in professional services, led massive teams to win framework contracts totalling over €50m per annum. Led the management, strategy and content production for global procurement of data centres with some of the leading tech companies in the industry - Culminating in the signing of two of the largest framework agreements ever signed in the sector. An innovator in content production and use of tech to differentiate bid presentation, using animations, apps, video content and bespoke microsites. In recent roles has developed strong sales and marketing knowledge and training - Deliberately promoting a critical skill of linking all turnover-generating teams into one another. Experience Possessing construction experience spanning over 20 years, and more than 15 of those spent in bids and work-winning, this Associate has either managed or developed successful teams for most of the last decade. A background working on site - Not common experience for those carrying out this type of work - Means equal comfort whether designing responses with those set to deliver projects or discussing sales pipelines and capture planning with the C Suite. In all roles a strong emphasis has been placed on the accrual of data to create the ability to make decisions based on information and fact, with an according strong focus on process and governance as a means of supporting the complex task of project management of major bids. Experience in recent years has encompassed managing close, present teams of a few people; through to global and remote teams of up to 60 stakeholders and consultants. With a successful period also spent working in professional services, this associate offers a wide range of skills and experience which extends from capture planning well in advance of an opportunity's arrival, all the way through to continuous learning and improvement plans.

  • Primary Discipline: Bid Director

  • Reference No: CAN-24955

  • Consultant Skills: Pipeline Management, Peer Review, Learning Reviews, Compliance Matrix, Bid Risk Management, Pre-Written Content Development, Pre-sales Experience, Win Strategy Development, Value Proposition Development, Storyboarding Skills, RFP / ITT Experience, Pursuit Management, Proposal Leadership, Proof Reading, Marketing Communications, Relationship Management, Print Management, Bid Resource Allocation, Proposal Graphics, Presentation Skills, Graphic Design / DTP & Illustration, Bid Marketing Strategy, APMP Member, Red Team Review Lead, Qualification Skills, Competitive Dialogue, Strategy Development, Proposal Content Management, Capture Management, Proposal Writing, Proposal Management, Bid Process Management, Bid Management, Proposal Governance, Business Development, Client Facing, Pre-Proposal Planning, PQQ Experience, People / Team Management, Editorial Skills, CV Writing, Copy Writing, Content Management, Coaching and Mentoring, Project Management, Bid Kick-Off, Bid Governance, Proposal Best Practice, Bid Best Practice

  • Consultant Qualifications: Bachelors Degree, Other - Vocational, APMP Practitioner, GCSEs, A Levels

  • Consultant Industries: Real Estate and Property Management, Management Consulting Services, Marketing Communications, Architectural and Design Services, Business Services - Other, Energy and Utilities, Construction - Residential & Commercial / Office, Public Sector, Engineering Services, Construction - Industrial Facilities and Infrastructure, Outsourcing, Professional Services, Facilities Management

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