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With over 20,000 bid, proposal and tender specialists within our network, you can be assured of sourcing the right skills, in the right location at the right time.

We offer both permanent and contract resource solutions across 5 continents and in over 50 countries. If you are expanding your business into a new geography and need a flexible bid team building, or you are simply growing your existing team, we can help. We have considerable experience in offshoring entire bid and proposal operations and can advise on skills hotspots around the world.

Bid Global

Recent successful placements and assignments include:

  • Bid Manager in Macedonia

  • Head of Bid Management in Switzerland

  • Commercial Manager in Singapore

  • Knowledgebase / Content Specialist in Hong Kong

  • Proposal Manager in Paris

  • Head of Proposals in Washington DC, USA

  • Proposal Manager in New York

  • Bid Manager in Dubai

  • Bid Writer in Trinidad

  • Bid Manager in Germany

  • Business Development Manager in Bermuda

  • Bid Manager in Dakar