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Word Templates

Question by: Anthony Jones

I’ve got some Building Blocks set up in a template and I want to be able to use them in another template. Is there a way to copy them across?

There is, but it’s a bit convoluted.

Word has a Builing Block template where it stores all the built-in Building Blocks, which are available to all your Word documents, but you can also add your own into it. So, whilst you can’t copy Building Blocks directly from one template to another, you can copy them into this common template and then open your target template and re-assign them to be stored in that one.

So first, move your Building Blocks into the common Building Block template:

  • Open your template
  • Go to the Quick Parts button on the Insert tab
  • Choose Building Blocks organiser
  • Scroll down the list of Building Blocks until you find yours and click Edit Properties
  • Change the Save In property from your template to the common Building Block template called Building Blocks.dotx(en-US)
  • Repeat for all the Building Blocks you want to copy
  • Don’t save your template, just close it down

Now, lets re-assign them to your target template

  • Open the template you want to move the Building Blocks to
  • Again, got to Quick Parts > Building Blocks organiser
  • Find your Building Blocks and click Edit Properties
  • Update the Save In property to point to the current template (your template), rather than Building Blocks.dotx(en-US)
  • Repeat for all your Building Blocks
  • Save your template

Now your Building Blocks will be stored in both of your templates.