Simplifying Terminology

An A-Z of terms used in the bidding world.

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A sales plan dedicated to one customer for various opportunities that helps you prepare and stay focused on supporting their … Continue reading Account Plan

A short statement to clarify the meaning of a graphic. The graphic will catch the reader’s eye and the caption … Continue reading Action Caption

Sentences written in an Active Voice feature the subject performing the action stated by the verb. Whereas in a passive voice … Continue reading Active / Passive Voice

Advantage is how the seller see’s the product or service as a benefit to the client. Good advantage statements are … Continue reading Advantage

A structured process / de-brief that analyses what happened on the bid / project and why, what did we learn … Continue reading After-action Review

A part of the pre-writing and research process, annotating the customer requirement documents to help decide what to include and … Continue reading Annotated Outline

Supporting information at the end of a document / proposal / book that allows you to include any additional information … Continue reading Appendix

Bid / proposal teams often assume circumstances when providing prices or service options to a client. If a statement starts … Continue reading Assumptions