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    From the Company supplying the Services

    You are required to upload certified copies of the documents listed below.
    Please ensure each file upload is less than 3MB.

    Certificate of Incorporation

    VAT Certificate (if registered)

    Tick here if not VAT Registered

    Employers Liability Insurance Certificate

    Public Liability Insurance Certificate (£1million pounds minimum cover)

    Professional Indemnity Insurance (£1million pounds minimum cover)

    From the Individual Consultant:

    Proof of right to work in the UK (Passport, relevant Visa, or Full Birth Certificate)

    Proof of residence (utility bill or bank statement dated within the last 3 months)

    Enhanced checks may be conducted from time to time, depending on specific requirements of the client, which may include specified levels of insurance and reference contacts for longer than the last two years.

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth


    Your Home Address (Proof of address is required)

    Date Entered Address

    Company Details

    Are you the director of this company YesNo

    Are you the sole employee of this company? YesNo

    Compliance Checklist

    Compliance checklist for Consultants contracting (or planning to contract) through their own personal service company, an umbrella, or any form of payment intermediary

    It is Bid Solutions policy to only engage with individuals and companies that operate in accordance with UK tax legislation. As part of this policy we require you, on behalf of the company (or other legal entity) through which you supply your services, to complete and return the checklist set out below.

    Please be aware that we cannot:

    • sign any contract (or other agreement relating to the supply of services) or process any payment to you whether directly or indirectly through an intermediary, until you complete and sign this form in a way which is satisfactory to us and contains all the information and documentation referred to below.

    Section 1 – Limited Company Details

    1. Please confirm the name of the legal entity through which you provide or will be providing your services:

    2. On what date did you begin/will you begin to provide services via this entity?

    3. Did you take professional advice, including advice from any accountancy service providers such as an accountancy practice or an accountancy practice specialising in advice to Personal Services Companies (“PSC”s) or small companies, when you commenced contracting via this entity?

    If yes, please provide their name and contact details to the right.

    4. Is the entity through which you provide services an umbrella company?


    If you ticked “Yes”, please complete Section 2 of this checklist.
    If you ticked “No”, please complete Section 3 of this checklist (and where necessary Section 4).

    Section 2 – Umbrella Company Consultants

    1. Please provide the name of the Umbrella Company:

    2. The Umbrella Company is registered and based in the UK, which for purposes of this section includes: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and excludes all other countries including the Isle of Man and/or the Channel Islands.


    3. You are employed by the Umbrella Company on an overarching contract of employment which continues between assignments.


    4. You are not a director or shareholder of the Umbrella Company.


    5. The Umbrella Company deducts full PAYE and NIC’s from your earnings and pays you net of those deductions.


    6. You do not receive the benefits of any payments from the Umbrella Company (with the exception of any HMRC allowable expenses) other than under the PAYE regime operated by the Umbrella Company.


    7. The Umbrella Company does not make onward payments of any portion of your services-related income to any third party (whether UK based or otherwise).


    8. That there are no tax avoidance schemes or employment benefit trusts schemes in place with regards to this consultant.


    9. That the Gross Fees earned (Less UK tax allowable expenses) are payrolled using UK Tax Authority.


    Section 3 – Personal Services Company

    1. All payments made by Bid Solutions will be paid directly in to your company’s bank account, details of which you have provided to us as part of our sign-up procedures, (the limited company invoice procedures).


    If you “disagree” because payments will be made in to a bank account held by a person or company other than one owned and controlled by you please go to and complete section 4 of this checklist.

    If you disagree for other reasons please provide us with an explanation why.

    2. The account is based in the UK, which for the purposes of this section includes England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales and excludes all other countries including the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.


    3. If you operate through a limited company it:

    • was incorporated in the UK; and

    • has a registered address in the UK,

    where for the purposes of this section the UK means England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales but excludes any other countries including and being limited to the Isle of Man and/or the Channel Islands.


    4. You or your spouse are the only person/people authorised to access and transact on the Bank Account.


    5. The Bank Account is used for your company alone.


    6. You (or your qualified legal adviser) negotiate and sign all contracts for and on behalf of the company/you.


    7. No third party holds or pays over cash balances on behalf of the company/you in order to pay any tax (including corporation tax, income tax (including PAYE) and/or VAT) or social security (including NICs) liabilities.


    8. None of your accountancy or legal advisors are appointed as director of, or company secretary to, any company that you operate through.


    9. The fee arrangements with your accountancy advisors are not in any way linked to or governed by the level of services-related income you generate.


    10. The work that you carry out is clearly not of an employment nature e.g. it is not relatively highly controlled with personal services element.


    11. You operate as an independent consultant providing your services on a business to business basis.


    12. Please confirm that none of the company officers or partners have ever been disqualified from acting as a company officer, whether whilst a company officer at this Intermediary, any group company or any other company.


    13. As an independent consultant, and taking into account the basis upon which you have agreed or will be agreeing to, provide services to your client, you are of the opinion that such services will operate on a basis which falls outside IR35 Regulations

    Whilst the purpose of this checklist is not to assess IR35 status it is important that we have an indication of what you understand your status to be.


    14. You have not been encouraged by any entity to operate as a PSC.


    15. You have insured your business to cover the usual business risk, copies of which insurance you will provide.


    16. You confirm that all fee income derived under this contract is subject to UK tax legislation


    17. Who are the shareholders and what are their % shareholdings:

    18. Please provide a copy of any documentation completed as part of an IR35 review for the consultant supplied. In the absence of a report from your accountant, please complete and upload a completed HMRC CEST Report.

    Section 4 – Payment Intermediaries

    You will need to complete this section if you have been instructed as a result of your answer to Section 3, question 1.

    1. Please provide details of the company holding the bank account in to which payments made by us will be made in to (the “Intermediary”)

    2. The intermediary is registered and based in the UK, which for the purposes of this section includes: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and excludes all other counties including the Isle of Man and/or the Channel Islands.


    3. The intermediary pays you gross of tax and NICs.


    4. You administer and pay your own income tax and NICs on a self-assessment basis.


    5. You have not been encouraged by any entity to engage with the intermediary.


    I believe that the information given on this form is complete, accurate and truthful. I will immediately notify you in writing if any of my circumstances change.

    Important Notice

    Bid Solutions has a strict policy of not accepting any commission, referral fees or incentives (cash or otherwise) from any individual or external company offering services to support contractors.

    Invoice Procedures

    On completion of the working week you must prepare a timesheet using the web-based system. Clear guidance on using this system is provided in Timesheet Management Contractor Guide document (details provided separately).

    Create an invoice from your Company giving full details of the days worked, the rate charged and the week ending date. This invoice should also include VAT at the current rate (if your Company is registered for VAT) and show clearly the Company’s name, address, Company Registration Number and VAT Registration Number. Each invoice should be dated and numbered consecutively.

    All invoices must be supported by signed (electronically if appropriate) timesheets authorised by a Client Manager.

    All Client approved mileage / expenses to be submitted via web system and receipts scanned and emailed.

    Company Bank Details:

    Conduct Regulations Opt Out Notice

    Limited company consultants can opt out of the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 (in England, Scotland and Wales) or the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2005 (in Northern Ireland). If you, the Consultancy, and the Consultancy Staff to be supplied to do the work wish to opt out of the Conduct Regulations, please read this form carefully. It is recommended that you take independent legal advice so that you know what the opt-out means for you.


    (1) Insert registered company name (the “Consultancy”)

    (2) Name of individual Consultant (the “Consultancy Staff”)

    1. This Opt Out Notification is supplemental to the agreement (“the Agreement”) between Bid Solutions and the Consultancy. The terms used in this notification shall have the same meaning as those defined in the Agreement.

    2. The Consultancy and the Consultancy Staff acknowledge that it is their intention that the provisions of the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 (the “Conduct Regulations”) do not apply to the Assignment as specified in the Contract Schedule.

    3. The Parties have freely entered into this Opt Out notification.

    4. Further that the Consultancy and the Consultancy Staff are free to withdraw from this Opt Out notification at any time by giving not less than one week’s written notice to Bid Solutions. However, where notice is given during an Assignment it will not take effect until the Individual stops working in that Assignment and commences a new assignment.

    We the undersigned have read, understand and agree to be bound by the terms of this Opt Out notification. In particular, we understand that by signing this Opt Out notification we are agreeing that the provisions of the Conduct Regulations shall not apply to the Assignment with the client specified in the Contract Schedule.

    Name - For and on behalf of the Consultancy:

    Name - For and on behalf of the Consultancy Staff:

    I confirm I am authorised to sign this Opt-Out Notification for and on behalf of the Consultancy Staff

    Declaration of Consent

    The highest standards of integrity are essential to the success and reputation of Bid Solutions and its clients. Consultants are required to undergo a range of pre-engagement checks appropriate to the level or organisation that they are working with, and Bid Solutions work to ensure that screening is delivered on time with minimum disruption to the recruitment process.

    All information and personal data is held securely and will not be retained for longer than necessary and all such information and data will be securely disposed of when no longer needed. No candidate personal data shall be used for any purpose other than to demonstrate that Bid Solutions is complaint with the terms of your individual agreement with the client. A copy of our Data Protection policy can be found here.

    We require your consent to perform these checks and therefore by submitting this Declaration, you agree with the statement below:

    I understand and agree that my suitability and eligibility is conditional on Bid Solutions’ satisfaction of the pre-engagement information provided. I confirm that the information I provide is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

    I understand that the checks will involve collection and verification of the details specified below:

    From the company supplying the services:

    • Certificate of Incorporation

    • VAT Certificate (of registered)

    • Employers Liability Insurance Certificate (if applicable, otherwise confirmation only employee)

    • Public Liability Insurance Certificate

    • Professional Indemnity Insurance Certificate

    • Company Bank Details form

    • Intention with regards to the Conduct Regs (Regulation 32(9)) (“Opt Out”) form the individual

    • Proof of Right to work in the UK

    • Proof of Residence

    I also understand that it may be a criminal offence to attempt to obtain involvement by deception and that any misrepresentation, omission of a material fact or deception may affect my eligibility to engage with Bid Solutions and Bid Solutions’ clients.

    I agree and accept that, where my residency has been outside of the UK or EU that Bid Solutions will request necessary verification from these countries which may not have specific data protection laws.

    I understand that if any unsatisfactory results are received this may affect the consideration of suitability by Bid Solutions and understand that if an unsatisfactory reference is received after I have accepted a role with Bid Solutions, that Bid Solutions may terminate any agreement for the provision of my services immediately, whether such agreement has commenced or is due to commence. I hereby consent to Bid Solutions providing my personal details including name, address and results of my compliance verification for the purposes of investigations and client audit/review. I authorise Bid Solutions to perform the document verification checks and I confirm that my consent is explicit, fully informed and freely given.

    Your email: