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Fantastic initiative from Strategic Proposals to recognise the next generation of leaders in our Profession

Strategic Proposals’ ‘Rising Stars’ Award Programme

Calling the next generation of leaders in the UK bid and proposal management profession!

This year, Strategic Proposals’ is celebrating their 30th anniversary with a range of celebratory events worldwide. The first of these is their ‘Rising Stars’ award programme, with free training and activities for a group of up to twenty of the brightest and best young professionals working in bidding, proposals and work winning.

You will get three days of free courses (London on 5th April, and Stratford-upon-Avon on 12th and 13th September). With a range of industry-leading speakers, they will pool views on best practice, helping you to improve your own efficiency and effectiveness – and to win more business for your companies as a result.
You will get free coaching from one of Strategic Proposals’ senior team and there will be the chance to work on a short project with your fellow participants, looking at the future direction of our profession. (All they ask your company to do is to cover your travel costs).

It’s easy to apply (by email, no later than 17th February): full details can be found on Strategic Proposals’ website: