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Rick Allen

Companies rely on their technical teams to write their bids. Without bid writing training, they will often produce highly technical answers that don’t read well, instead of a client-focused proposal.  Bid evaluators are looking for concise, fully compliant answers that are easy-to-understand, and to score. An untrained effort may not be sufficient to win the bid.

Writing Expertise

Rick is adept at providing bid writing training, and working with bid writing teams, coaching the Subject Matter Experts (SME) to raise their game through writing exceptional, high scoring answers. Drawing on over 15 years’ experience working on public sector and commercial bids, Rick has developed a bid writing training course he has delivered to over 200 SMEs, with feedback scores averaging at 4.7 out of 5.

Rick simplifies the bid writing process into:

  • The Bid Lifecycle – sales and bidding process, bid / no-bid decision, competitive tendering, evolution of proposal best practice, and an effective proposal process
  • Competitive Positioning for the Bid – pre-bid qualification, market competitive analysis and producing your key proposal messages
  • Answering the Question – analysing questions and creating compliant answer outlines
  • Writing High Scoring Answers – drafting, editing and ensuring they are easy-to-evaluate
  • Effective Reviews Process – conducting timely team reviews on answer outlines and drafts.

Key Achievements

Since 2002, Rick has been working as a bid manager, bid writer and bid writing trainer. He has applied his techniques and training with great success, helping clients to win over £6.3BN of new business in a diverse range of industry sectors.

Rick achieved Foundation Level APMP Bid Professional certification in 2004 and was a member of the board for APMP UK for 2 years.

He also brings over 20 years’ award-winning sales experience: working as an international business development director for Logica, achieving £50M in sales in 2 years; and over £40M in direct sales in senior account management roles with major global IT corporations, including 12 years at Digital Equipment Company (DEC).


Proposal Writing, Training, Bid Management


Rick Allen

  • Bid Writing Expert
  • Construction - Industrial Facilities and Infrastructure, Computer/IT Services, Telecommunication Services, Healthcare Services, Energy and Utilities, Financial Services
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