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  • Expertise: Sales Enabler and Professional Coach
  • Relevant Skills: CF APMP, Dip in Executive Coaching, Executive Coach (Neurodiversity)
  • Industry Experience: Automotive and Parts Mfg, Energy and Utilities, Defence, Public Sector

I am an experienced international trainer, facilitator, and coach, for over 25 years I’ve worked for complex global organisations. I have worked across many channels, gaining experience working in the UK, Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

I regularly work with organisations to support them in their growth plans. This has covered several areas including Sales & Marketing Strategy, Leadership, Management, Bids/Tenders, Coaching and Mentoring.

I recently completed a contract where I was the Bid Director for the Global Deal Shaping team at Microsoft. This was a fascinating role, involving engaging with many different teams and multiple layers of stakeholders to help position Microsoft in the best place to win.

Another side of my business is 1-2-1 coaching. I work with a leading UK organisation supporting people with neurodiversities. I love the opportunity this gives me to learn and understand how valuable neurodiverse people are to a business and our society.


Capture Management, Business Development

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