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Amanda Nuttall

Amanda’s background in the construction and engineering sectors, working on a range of high profile multi-million pound deals, has resulted in her reputation as a bid and proposal professional who is truly expert in her field.  As a Director of Strategic Proposals, she specialises in the delivery of improvement initiatives – working closely with sales, bid and proposal teams on live bids; developing people through coaching; and improving the infrastructure and tools necessary to support them. Amanda holds APMP Professional certification, the highest level.

Current Chief Operating Officer of the APMP in the UK, Amanda’s portfolio includes the development of a formal bid and proposal apprenticeship working with a number of employers and government bodies.  This work will create opportunity for the next generation of talent in our industry. Amanda will serve as APMP UK’s CEO in 2017.

Key recent achievements:

  • Senior proposal lead on the successful £400m+ joint venture nuclear sector bid to deliver electrical services.
  • Designing and delivering the first ever bid and proposal apprenticeship, at NG Bailey.
  • Securing a must win deal for Weblight to deliver national lighting services at Sainsbury’s through a robust pre-proposal planning and engagement strategy.


Amanda Nuttall

  • Apprenticeship Programme
  • Construction - Residential & Commercial / Office
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