LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the internet and is an essential part of your job seeking toolkit. A fully completed profile will pay dividends when it comes to finding new employment opportunities, whilst also allowing companies to approach you directly.

As a window to your career, professional interests, education and skills, it offers potential employers the opportunity to gain a quick but informative perspective on you. Being slightly less formal than a CV and displaying endorsements from clients, managers and peers, it is an important self-marketing tool that will ensure you stand out from the competition. A LinkedIn profile, written correctly, will complement a CV and enhance your credibility.

Having a LinkedIn profile also allows you to join industry specific forums and discussion groups. Some groups are open and can be joined by all, others are by invitation only. Contributing to discussions can often enable you to showcase your knowledge and experience, further increasing your credibility amongst peers and industry professionals.

You can engage with Bid Solutions in a number of ways on LinkedIn.

Improve the quality of your profile and to stand out from your peers:

  • Make your profile visible to the public and include your contact details

  • Create a custom URL, including industry key words

  • Include a recent, high quality and professional looking photo

  • Write a professional summary.

  • Include a summary of your responsibilities and accomplishments in the experience section, and make note of any promotions

  • Follow companies and individuals of interest

  • Join industry groups and contribute to discussions

  • Be active in sharing news and posts of interest

  • Request endorsements and recommendations.