Essential Skills

The APMP Certification Programme is fast becoming the de facto global standard for bid and proposal professionals. As with all generalised programmes, it provides a foundation of essential skills for effective bid and proposal management which can then be further developed. In partnership with an Approved Training Organisation (ATO), we will lead your bid and proposal professionals through the syllabus and certification at a location of your choice.

Bid & Proposal Writing

Winning a bid requires a powerful combination of competitive strategy, bid process, and writing skills to produce a compelling, high scoring proposal. Our course has been developed specifically for bid and proposal managers, subject matter experts (SMEs), technical writers and sales professionals, to help them improve bid win rates. Click here for more details.

APMP Training

Bid Solutions partner with the world’s leading APMP Approved Training Organisations and deliver highly interactive courses.

APMP Foundation – Online and Classroom Training

APMP Foundation is a structured one-day training course delivered by APMP Professionals and ATO Approved Trainers, covering key points from the syllabus and preparing you for the entry level exam, which can be taken on the same day. Foundation is aimed at those who have worked in a bid or proposal environment for at least one year. It is a necessary stepping stone for experienced bid and proposal managers wishing to progress to the Practitioner and Professional levels. We now offer Foundation Training as an online course where you learn at your own pace.

APMP Practitioner

We offer preparation workshops and one-to-one coaching for those ready to start preparing the Proposal Practitioner Assessment Questionnaire (PPAQ), which is necessary to certify as an APMP Practitioner. Our workshops are delivered by APMP Examiners and typically include:

  • Guidance on how to complete a self-assessment against the Practitioner competencies

  • Explanation of the PPAQ Standards and Guidelines, helping you to develop impactful competency evidence

  • Examples of completed evidence responses

  • Guidance on how to overcome some of the more challenging competency areas

APMP Professional

APMP Professional is the highest globally recognised industry certification. With structured coaching and mentoring we can help you understand, plan and complete the Proposal Professional Impact Paper (PPIP) which is a requirement for certification. With one-to-one coaching from our professionally certified team, we will help you plan for, develop and rehearse for this highly coveted qualification.

Bidding Masterclass

The Bidding Masterclass sets the tone and standards for bids and proposals across your organisation with an overview of best practice, buyer insights, and our own unique hints and tips. Although offered as a one-day event, the two-day course allows for more practical sessions where the new skills and techniques can be fully embedded.

Mastering the Public Sector Bidding Process

Mastering the Public Sector Bidding Process is an essential resource for anyone hoping for success with a bid into a Public Sector authority within Europe. A shrewd bid team can gain a significant competitive advantage by understanding how to implement the Public Sector rules to their advantage. Even seasoned Public Sector bid professionals will gain insight from this event. For those less experienced it is an opportunity to get to grips with the nuances of this different bid environment. Although offered as a one-day event, the two-day course allows for more practical sessions where the new skills and techniques can be fully embedded using your own bids.

To discuss your unique training requirements and full course details, please call the team on 0208 9732461 or email

Who should attend?

It takes many different skillsets to put together a winning bid. In our opinion, it is essential that all key stakeholders and contributors are trained in bid and proposal best practice, regardless of their core function. The table below details by role who should attend the Essential Skills training.

In the 2018 Salary Survey there was strong evidence to suggest that achieving any level of APMP Certification will lead to an increased salary. Professionally