Knowledgebase / Content Manager

Knowledgebase / Content Manager Title Variations

Depending on your industry and geography, you may not have the title Knowledgebase Manager but will have similar responsibilities to those outlined below. Common job title variations include: Content Database Administrator; Marketing Coordinator; Sales Database Manager; Content Manager; SharePoint Manager.


Responsible for maintaining and expanding a database of pre-written content to improve proposal quality and proposal / sales team productivity. Responsible for defining and optimising the database structure and record management system ensuring ease of access and data integrity.


Ability to identify and work with relevant subject matter experts (SME) within the business who are owners of the pre-written content. Motivate and manage SMEs to ensure commitment to updating content on a pre-agreed cycle.

Confident in dissecting RFPs and identifying frequently asked questions that need to be answered in a knowledgebase. Ideally will have implemented a multi-lingual / international knowledgebase.

Core Responsibilities

  • Design and own the architecture for the overall knowledgebase implementation

  • Assimilate information extracted from SMEs and re-write it into a defined style, ensuing that it is clearly articulated and easy to integrate into proposals

  • Ensure legal and operational compliance of database information

  • Work with graphics designers as required, maintaining a comprehensive library of images

  • Schedule regular reviews of the knowledge base to identify areas that need to be updated / expanded

  • Review the structure of the knowledge base on a regular basis, to ensure that it reflects the needs of the business

  • Ensure that support contracts are in place for any business critical applications that the database relies upon

  • Provide regular training to users of the knowledge base and gather feedback on a regular basis

  • Strong time management / prioritisation skills

  • Strong written English language skills

  • Strong attention to detail.

Reporting Line

In a large corporate / multinational, the Knowledgebase Manager will be part of a communications team that has defined roles and responsibilities. Typically, the role will report in to a Head of Marketing / Bids or potentially CIO.

In a small-medium sized enterprise, the knowledgebase responsibility will typically fall under the remit of the standalone Bid / Proposal Manager. Typically, the role will report in to a Sales / Marketing or Managing Director.


Degree educated. APMP Foundation or Practitioner. Project management and marketing training is beneficial. Typically MS Word expert with some VB or programming experience.