Contract Bid Support

In a world of immovable bid deadlines, having instant access to bid and proposal contractors can often make the difference between winning and losing.

We understand the urgency a proposal, RFI, RFP, pitch, or unsolicited bid campaign can bring. Our reputation is built on delivering urgent bid recruitment support in an accelerated, seamless and professional manner.

Bid Contractor Directory

Bid Contractor Directory

Search over 800 Bid and Proposal Contractors


With over 800 independent consultants in our Bid Contractor Directory, you can pinpoint the specific skills and experience you need to get your bid, proposal or tender into a winning position, regardless of your time pressures.

Our bid and proposal contractors consistently deliver in high pressure, time-critical environments. When we recommend someone for your must-win deal, you can be assured that they will hit the ground running and will rapidly integrate within your team. They know what it takes to win.

Typically, live-deal support can be mobilised within 24 hours. Our established contract governance takes care of all legal, confidentiality, non-disclosure, administrative, timesheet and invoice requirements so that you can be fully focused on winning the deal.

Contractors are typically supplied on a day-rate basis. For longer-term assignments (3 months +), or specific consulting assignments with established deliverables, a fixed project price typically offers the best value. For those clients seeking a risk-reward commercial arrangement, we have a number of proven models that work within a bid environment.