The Client: Fixatex

Industry: Electrical Contractor

Requirement: Bid Manager

Fixatex is a family-run electrical contractor in Hertford. Over the past 20 years it has established itself as a provider of high-quality electrical services that prioritises customer satisfaction and employee wellbeing. Following sustained success, Fixatex continues to grow and aims to become an established national contractor in the near future.

The Requirement

Rob Candler, CEO of Fixatex, urgently needed a Bid Manager / Writer to take control of the bidding process, despite much of the country being in pandemic lockdown. Rob outlined the specific skills that he wanted to bring in to the business and Bid Solutions provided guidance on job descriptions and how different roles interact within the bid lifecycle, ensuring that he hired someone with the right skills, not just the right job title.

With a plan in place, Bid Solutions commenced searching for suitable candidates. As this was the first time that Fixatex had hired a bid professional, the blend of technical and soft skills was of vital importance. Despite the unprecedented market conditions, a shortlist of CVs was presented, virtual interviews were conducted, and the successful candidate was offered the position – all within a three week window. The new Bid Manager / Writer started work shortly after.

Client Testimonial Despite the challenges and difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic, I was eager to hire a Bid Manager / Writer for our business. It was the first role of its kind within the organisation, so it was an important hire for us. I reached out to Bid Solutions and received guidance on how to market the role and what to include in the job description. I was aware that the recruitment market was significantly impacted by the pandemic, however Bid Solutions provided me with a selection of quality candidates to choose from. I was really pleased with the service that I received from Bid Solutions, particularly during the uncertainty of the pandemic. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any business looking to hire a bid professional.

Rob Candler, CEO, Fixatex

“Bid Solutions helped me secure a position from initial application to contract acceptance in less than a week. Ben helped at every stage with the application process, ensuring that I always knew what was happening next – even down to the point of checking word count on a submission! Outstanding help and I’d definitely recommend Bid Solutions to other Bid writers / Managers.”

John Leonard, Bid Manager / Writer, Fixatex