Bid Manager - Senior

Bid Manager - Senior

  • Minimum Rate: £450 a day
  • Location: Nottingham NG16

Profile An experienced Bid Specialist, with over five years of winning proposals, initiating bid management processes, bid governance, best practice and continuous improvement. They have provided skills in training, coaching and management to assist in bid process and cultural change, along with the management of bid teams, where actions and deadlines are clearly understood. Has a deep knowledge of the Energy sector, specifically Energy Management, Microgrids, Solar PV, Energy Consultancy, Energy Metering and Software. They also have experience in the Rail industry for Supply Chain Management. Key Achievements They have led numerous winning bids targeting customers in Water, Energy and Car Manufacturing, as well as primary Care Trusts and Fitness industries. Typical value experience has been from £55k to £6.5m. Experience Working for a Global Energy Sustainability company, from 2014 to 2015, their remit was to install a bid management process within a business unit to work in line with the company's CRM System. Aims were to ensure transparency of bids within the CRM system, also, that bids were fully screened, along with transparent costings, margins, T&Cs, and Director authorisation, ensuring full bid governance. They made sure that bid folders were generated and populated for information sharing and reference. They ensured bid strategies were in place from two angles, firstly, to certify that the offer was compelling to the customer, secondly, that the business profited. Continuing with the same company, in 2015 to 2018, they were tasked with aligning the bid process used, in the UK, with other countries in North West Europe and the Nordics. During this period they led a team of three people, as well as the bid team, which consisted of around 12 members at various management levels. In 2019 they were tasked with leading a team, on a short-term contract, within the Rail Supply Chain industry, reducing the number of outstanding bids, along with scrutinising and restructuring their complex bid management process. Because the process was not streamlined, problems emerged with clients' deadlines not being met. Establishing daily meetings and scrutinisation of the bid process, they were able to make improvements, identify and solve bottlenecks and significantly reduce time spent on bids, increasing deadline efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Primary Discipline: Bid Manager - Senior

  • Reference No: CAN-47421

  • Consultant Skills: Coaching and Mentoring, Red Team Review Lead, Proposal Governance, People / Team Management, Risk Management and Compliance, Bid Management, PQQ Experience, Marketing Communications, Bid Process Management, Pre-Proposal Planning, Capture Management, Presentation Skills, Proof Reading, Proposal Production, Proposal Best Practice, RFP / ITT Experience, Bid Clarifications, Value Proposition Development, Bid Governance, Win Strategy Development, Bid Kick-Off

  • Consultant Qualifications: Bachelors Degree

  • Consultant Industries: Marketing Communications, Environmental Services, Consultancy, Energy and Utilities

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