Bid Manager

  • Minimum Rate: £400 a day
  • Location: London W105

Profile An experienced Bid Director within the Defence, Technology and Security sectors with a track record for leading and winning complex bids into US and international governments and commercial clients. A former Head of Bids and board member able to shape the win strategy, coordinate the bid team and treat the risks that arise from the commercial imperative to win, against the need to protect the company. Believes in delivering simple and consistent win themes to the client. Risk Management and Security industry experience enables this associate to manage risk intelligently and strategically, using risk management to gain advantage.Key Achievements Led winning bid for $100m Security contract for US Government in Iraq. Successfully managed over 100 large bid submissions with a small team against stringent time constraints. Bid win-rate consistently over 75%. Implemented a change in win strategy at my last job, overcoming resistance from fellow board members. APMP Professional Certified.Experience With a career starting as an army officer, moving onto journalism before combining these experiences into the Security industry; Reporting and advising on political and security risk related issues in the Middle East and Africa, where several years were spent. A strong writing and reporting ability led this associate into the bids department of a large Defence Services company and promoted to Head of Bids. Able as a board member to bring about strategic change in win strategy, leading to an increase in market share and most notably winning a $100m re-bid. Full responsibility for the review process, maintaining rigorous editorial control to ensure consistency and accuracy. Also responsible for solution design and successful transition of that solution from "win" to "deliver". Since leaving their role as Head of Bids this associate has been delivering bid management, writing and support across the Security and Technology sector.

  • Primary Discipline: Bid Manager

  • Reference No: CAN-38674

  • Consultant Skills: APMP Member, Bid Best Practice, Bid Management, Bid Risk Management, Editorial Skills, Proof Reading, Proposal Writing

  • Consultant Qualifications: A Levels, Bachelors Degree, GCSEs

  • Consultant Industries: Defence, Information Technology, Security and Surveillance

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