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APMP UK Events

Lavanya Ram, one of our Senior Consultant’s attended the APMP UK event “Machiavelli and others on rebidding” at the Tata Communications office last Thursday 25th. The event was hosted by Tata Communications and the evening was presented by Nigel Thacker, Managing director of Rebidding Solutions.


“Nigel gave a thought-provoking presentation on rebidding and how the teachings of Machiavelli and other historical figures are relevant. We were given real examples of rebidding gone wrong and quotes from figures to inspire incumbents. During the evening we discussed our interpretations and looked into the culture of our own organisations, identifying techniques to secure contract extensions. It was an insightful evening with lots of different views and opinions shared by other APMP members.” – Lavanya


We are looking forward to the next APMP UK event in Guildford on Tuesday 8th March 2016. Our Senior Consultants Ben Hannon & Lavanya Ram will be attending where speaker Sarah Hinchliffe will be discussing how to write more compelling proposals by using Aristotle’s three persuasive appeals, Ethos, Pathos and Logos.

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