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2015 UK Bid & Proposal Salary Survey Published

The 2015 UK Bid & Proposal Salary Survey (the survey) represents the most comprehensive study ever undertaken.

The UK Bid & Proposal Salary Survey successfully delivered against its 6 stated aims:

1. Provide employers and employees with accurate salary data
2. Report on significant salary changes since the 2012 Survey
3. Align salary data to specific roles and responsibilities, rather than job title alone
4. Assess job satisfaction of those working within the bid and proposal industry
5. Increase participation (800 in 2012)
6. Deliver a bespoke online tool that allows individuals to benchmark their own salary and role against alternative locations, industries, and experience levels.

In total, 1200 people from across the UK contributed to the survey. We are confident that employers, employees and self-employed consultants will find the results valuable for the purposes of salary benchmarking, staff retention, peer review and career planning.

Generate your personalised salary report by clicking here:!/

Download the full results and analysis here:

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